• Indiafoxtecho Has Continued Problems with F-35 on X-Box

    Indiafoxtecho Has Continued Problems with F-35 on X-Box

    F-35 XBOX update (bad news):

    We have just received feedback from the latest XBox build of the F-35, and unfortunately it still crashes the console (except the F-35A on the XBox Series X apparently).

    I think that, at this point, we can rule out the video memory limitations - as the latest F-35 build has a video memory footprint which is much smaller than all of our other aircraft.

    We will try to get help from the Asobo development team and try to solve this issue.

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    1. RonaldVermeij's Avatar
      RonaldVermeij -
      @Dino: Just my 2 cents
      I personally think that a wonderful flightsim-gem! like your awesome F35 does not needs to be game-ified into the XBOX ecosystem. Such "a beast" (or should I say "beauty" as well?) deserves only to be proudly flown by serious die-hard (wannabe and/or future) Jet-fighter pilots (on a serious training device) on a decent, well equipment personal computer, not a gaming-console, which has been designed to enter-tain kids ;-)
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