• Fulcrum One Throttle Kickstarter Offer Enhanced

    Fulcrum One Throttle

    After listening to customer feedback and comments we have made some major changes to the throttle project. One of the main comments we received was that customers expected the throttle to have the same fulcrum quality but they wanted something a bit more special. Not just a basic throttle quadrant.

    Well, we heard you! We have brought forward our Pro Jetliner throttle add on and are now offering this as part of the base kickstarter!

    This means that you will now receive 4 engine thrust levers with working reverser levers and TOGA and Auto Throttle disconnect buttons. You can run these as 2 or 4 engines and it also comes with speed brake and flap levers to match.

    The plan was to launch this add on after the kickstarter priced at around £100 as an optional accessory beyond the plain white jet style tops we include in the base unit. However we are replacing these basic ones with the pro version for all Kickstarter backers whether you are in the first 100 or if you are in the later group.

    About Fulcrum One Throttle Quadrant

    The Fulcrum One Throttle Quadrant is a 6 axis USB throttle for PC flight simulation. It is a follow up product to the Fulcrum One Yoke which has been very well received from both enthusiast flight simmers and real world pilots.

    The key features are:

    • 6 analogue axis levers each with a reverse/cutoff detent.
    • Non-contact GMR magnetic sensors on each axis as per our yoke.
    • 6 two way momentary rocker switches.
    • Adjustable angle of desktop mounting the lever action to allow for different aircraft types.
    • Interchangeable lever tops for different aircraft type.
    • Metal construction.
    • Realistic and smooth system for lever tensioning based on real aircraft mechanisms.

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