• CR1 Software Announces Ford Trimotor

    CR1 Software Ford Tri-Motor

    CR1 Software has announced that they are working on the famous Ford Trimotor, with versions for MSFS 2020, P3D v4 and v5. The models are 100% complete rebuilds, both sets will have 4AT and 5AT variants as well as military float versions and cargo and airline versions. Release is expected by early September.

    Air model was built for both sims using the NASA aerodynamic system that we want to use on all of our models as it translates real world data to both sims quite nicely.

    CR1 Software Ford Tri-Motor

    CR1 Software Ford Tri-Motor

    CR1 Software Ford Tri-Motor

    Also the crew and passengers will be as real looking as real humans and on later patches of the Ford will interact with the player/operator. This feature won't come within the initial release as they have to write the AI code for that to work in the two sims. But for all buyers it will come as a patch at a later date using a real software updating system.

    The outer skin on this add-on is fully modeled corrugated and NOT textured. Ultimate detail is all Cr1 will ever accept.

    After the Ford release the Zero will follow very close behind.

    CR1 Software Ford Tri-Motor

    CR1 Software Ford Tri-Motor

    CR1 Software Ford Tri-Motor

    To our loyal supporters:

    Hang in there with us, our supporters in the flight sim world. The projects are maturing quickly now that we have our templates built for both sims and soon the pipeline in our development process with flow at twice the speed we have been at until now.

    We really appreciate the support of all of you over the 22 years with both Simtech Flight Design and now Cr1-Software Ltd.

    With out our loyal supporters this growth and level of development would not be possible.

    Keep a close eye on the CR1 YouTube channel and the news section of our web site www.cr1-software.com for updates on this development and future developments that ate already underway.

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