• Changes At FlightSim.Com

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    Changes At FlightSim.Com

    FlightSim.Com has provided a reliable and stable service for the flightsim community since the dawn of the Internet. Everything needs to change occasionally and today we would like to announce some changes here.

    Our last big software change was exactly ten years ago, in May of 2012. During those ten years the site has been run by co-owners Nels Anderson and Rick Frerichs, with lots of help from our third member Dominic Smith. Many of you know Dom as our public face in the forums, coordinator of reviews and features and so much more. Rick primarily handles the IT end of things while Nels handles the things that users actually see.

    After all these years, our software and our look are due for an update while Rick and Nels have both passed retirement age and are looking for something less stressful than a 7 day a week / 365 day a year job.

    The result is a new partnership with Moodog Media. You are probably not familiar with the name, but in fact Moodog has been involved with running FlightSim.Com for the past thirteen years. They've provided our web hosting during that time as well as volunteer IT and other services when we've needed them.

    The intention is to maintain normal day to day operations much as you are familiar with but with Moodog staff taking over responsibility for these tasks while Rick and Nels move to less active roles. With this partnership FlightSim.Com can continue providing you the services you enjoy into the future.

    There will be changes coming to the site itself and it will take some time for the new staff members to get up to speed on the daily tasks so we do ask for your patience as we go through this transition. Dom will be moving on to a new job and we thank him for his many years with us here. Rick and Nels will still be reachable as before.

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    1. tirith63's Avatar
      tirith63 -
      Thanks for literally decades of this site - I've been here since almost the beginning. Looking forward to the changes, and Nels and Rick deserve some time to do something else. Life is not all Flight Sim! I'll be staying here as long as I possibly can for the best in Flight Sim news and content.
    1. jdredding's Avatar
      jdredding -
      A Big Thank You to Nels and those who have made flightsim.com the fantastic site that it is. I have been visiting flightsim.com since the beginning and will be 77 next week. I have always been a year or two behind the most recent MSFS and suppose I may yet try the MSFS2020. My ability to fly larger planes is quite limited but I have really enjoyed my experience with flightsim.com. All the grandkids had to learn enough to take off, fly a pattern, and land.-- J D Redding
    1. nigelgrant's Avatar
      nigelgrant -
      Nels, thank you so much for your contribution to the flightsim community, if this is it's 26th birthday I must have been following you daily since almost Day 1, always a well balanced and thoughtful approach to the different issues and topics. I still proudly hold the Developers Award for my Vancouver Airport in April 2003!

      I wish you well and hope we still see you around this site

      Nigel Grant
    1. bjl345's Avatar
      bjl345 -
      Thanks to all staff members and community for years of hard work and enthusiasm. You have accompanied me trough my years of simmer and pilot. The best for all of you in this new step forward. happy FLIGHTS and good landings.

    1. johnost's Avatar
      johnost -
      And many thanks from me too. I think I was here very early too - I remember Nels had included a political discussion board, that got so bad that he had to cancel it - LoL. I hope your site will continue providing a good "home" for us simmers, and enjoy your semi-retirement!

    1. danbiosca's Avatar
      danbiosca -
      Thanks for running this website all these years.
      Way more than any official forum, flightsim.com and its ancestors have been sort of my simming home since the times when Nels Anderson ran a BBS in the RIME circuit.
      I'm sure all changes will be for good and I hope we'll keep in contact yet for a very long time.
    1. JimCanty's Avatar
      JimCanty -
      How do you show appreciation to those who have contributed so much to the Simming world? Thank you doesn't seem to be enough. I retired 4 years ago so I can appreciate the move to retire; hopefully it will be a long and enjoyable one for you guys. Continued success to flightsim.com

      Jim Canty
    1. dlfrenchmd's Avatar
      dlfrenchmd -
      Dom, I will miss you! Thanks for the editing and recommendations. Great job, everybody. Thanks so much.
      Dan French
    1. RonaldVermeij's Avatar
      RonaldVermeij -
      Dear Flightsim.com team members
      I think your entire team proudly deserve an (international flightsim community) OSCAR and - of course - a real-life carved out in stone monument for your entire LIFE's contribution... since... where would the entire global flightsimulation community / indu$try be?, without your hard LIFE's work and efforts to connect and inform all passionate virtual pilots on the planet? Now that is the why ;-)
    1. G_Loc's Avatar
      G_Loc -
      Thanks for everything! I first joined this site back in the FS5.0 days (must've been 12 or so?) and learned a whole lot about flight sims from it. Stumbled upon this news just now and was surprised to find out that you guys were still involved in the day to day operations. Enjoy your newfound spare time!
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