• Magknight 787 Aviator's Edition v1.8.0 Released

    Magknight 787 Aviator's Edition v1.8.0 Released

    Changelog v1.8.0

    Added the 787-8

    • New 787-8, with:
      • EFB performance calculations
      • New flightmodel
      • New GE3 engines including independent mapping
      • Updated FMOD soundpack

    Added new CDU pages

    • Added NAV RAD and POS INIT/REF CDU pages
    • Custom IRS/AHRU simulation
    • Added CDU button highlights
    • Added CDU help box
    • Added custom nav radio simulation
    • Added new CDU graphics

    Brand new custom ND

    • Added custom PFD minimap, including TCAS
    • Added DU startup sequence
    • Added MFD screen popups
    • Added ND/minimap turn rate indicator
    • Added new custom moveable ND, including, terrain, weather and TCAS views
    • Added PFD ADF visuals
    • Changed MFD keyboard entry to not require focused components
    • Increased ND max range to 1280nm

    Optional avitab

    • Added optional avitab (required avitab plugin)
    • Tablet shown on left and right cockpit sides, and is rotatable


    • Added @cajunjosh cockpit hotspot to vrconfig
    • Added custom wiper simulation
    • Added ENG FUEL PRESS L,R eicas messages
    • Added FUEL CONTROL commands
    • Added N1 prediction arcs
    • Added new mono typefaces
    • Added optimum and maximum altitude calculations to EFB
    • Added yaw-roll linkage
    • Fixed next waypoint time
    • Fixed NWS sensitivity changes at 80kts
    • Fixed overhead panel button typefaces
    • Improved cockpit textures to be brighter
    • Improved keyboard entry to MFD displays
    • Improved PFD artificial horizon colours
    • MFD position reverts to default on double tap
    • Reduced the size of some textures to save vram
    • Removed dependency on GNS430 navdata
    • Removed glass from legacy liveries
    • Removed inactivity unlimited fuel
    • Updated SASL to 3.14.5

    The Magknight 787: Aviator’s Edition is the next evolution of our popular 787. The 787 is a long-haul, mid-size widebody twinjet, and the first airliner to be built primarily from composites. Since the first delivery of the first 787-9 in July 2014 over 390 airframes have been delivered. The 787 is flown on routes from one hour in length all the way to the marathon 19-hour flights from London to Perth and beyond. Which will you choose?


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