• VSKYLABS Officially Announces F-19 Project For XP12

    VSKYLABS Officially Announces F-19 Project For XP12

    Coming soon for X-Plane by Laminar Research (developed exclusively for upcoming X-Plane 12).

    The VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': F-19 project is a fusion of *fiction* and *science*...where the main development goal was to create a deep, plausible, scientifically-based aircraft. NOT a science-fiction / "arcade" aircraft with the visuals of the F-19 "skin"...

    During the in-depth process of bringing the fictional (yet plausible) 80's concept of the F-19 Stealth Fighter to life, VSKYLABS decided to derive some of the F-19 aircraft systems and cockpit architectures from a real-world, advanced jet-fighter: The F-18. As a result, some aircraft architecture and cockpit design features were modeled and engineered based on references of the real-world, advanced jet-fighter design, contributing to the depth and "plausibility" of the F-19 design and aircraft operations aspects.

    The F-19 80's concept and the F-18 are similar in many ways; Both aircraft are twin-engine, all-weather, fighter/attack aircraft with carrier-operations capability. The 80's F-19 stealth fighter concept aircraft was powered by two F404-GE engines variants, of the same power-plant family of the F-18.

    Obviously the systems are not 100% identical as the F-18 and F-19 are not sharing the exact same systems and fighting roles. For example, the F-19 fuel system is different than the one on-board the F-18 (including the air-refuel system). Other differences exist due to the fact that the F-19 consists of a whole different airframe and controls layout, and it does not carry some of the F-18 equipment and weapons. On the other hand, the landing gears, hydraulics, ejection seat, oxygen and pressurization systems, engine controls, electrical systems and part of the weapon systems are almost identical by concept.

    The VSKYLABS F-19 cockpit was modeled with the unique systems and features of the F-19, but with the general approach and design features of the F-18 cockpit environment. At first sight, the cockpit may look quite familiar for the F-18 pilots. However, when digging in, it is not identical and some things/systems are done/operated and monitored quite differently.

    Avionics and weapon systems: X-Plane is not a combat flight simulator, and the main orientation of the project is of an advanced 'Test-Plane', trying to challenge the 80's concept in the fascinating world of X-Plane. One example is the service ceiling of the proposed 80's concept...being 60,000 feet. Is this feasible with the given airframe, powerplant, designed combat airspeed and fuel/payload on-board? Other example is carrier ops - takeoff and landing speeds, AOA and other considerations. Challenging the concept goes really fascinating when testing the proposed flight controls layout in "combat-like" situations and in dead-stick landings. There are many more aspects that are being challenged in the most scientifically approach, thanks to X-Plane 12. To add that by concept, the project will include a thorough manual booklet that is breaking down the F-19 concept, bit by bit, demonstrating and explaining its design features and consequences in-flight (in X-Plane 12).

    The late 80's MicroProse F-19 game/simulator (1987) was equipped with 4 separate weapon bays and was able to carry a huge variety of payloads: Air to Air heat-seeking missiles, Active radar missiles, Anti-radar missiles, Laser-guided bombs, Cluster bombs and more.

    The VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': F-19 has (only) 3 separate weapon bays, designed to carry (only) total of 2 BVR active radar Air-to-Air guided missiles plus a single Low-observable (stealthy) standoff air-launched cruise missile. These are modeled into the project, extending its 'Test-Pilot' experience (such as experimenting with the release envelope of a cruise missile...you cannot just launch the mini-aircraft...without paying attention to flying speed, g-load, AOA and so forth...). Similar to the F-117A, the VSKYLABS F-19 does not carry guns or additional "self-defense" Air-to-Air missiles.

    The decision of this weapons selection was a result of two general considerations: a) The proposed mission of the stealth fighters to target AWACS aircraft, and b) The proposed mission of the stealth fighters to launch stealthy attacks, deep inside enemy territory, using stealthy weapons.

    Additional information and screenshots will be shared once "DECLASSIFIED"...


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