• World Update IX: Italy MSFS Now Available

    World Update IX: Italy MSFS Now Available

    World Update IX brings Italy alive for Microsoft Flight Simulator Users with enhanced, rich detail and immersive activities that will take you into the region's grandeur.

    You must be running Microsoft Flight Simulator version to download and install World Update IX: Italy.

    Fly throughout the historic cities of Rome and Venice, soar above Mediterranean coastlines, and navigate throughout sheer-faced peaks, all rendered in lifelike realism with World Update IX. The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has refined this area with the latest geospatial data available, including digital elevation modeling, aerial and satellite imagery, and triangulated irregular network (TIN) modeling of 20 cities, including Rome, Naples, Venice, and Milan. Gaya Simulations handcrafted four airports: Palermo Airport (LICJ) in Sicily, Sondrio Airport (LILO) in the southern Tyrol, Marina di Campo Airport (LIRJ) on Elba Island, and Bolanzo Airport (LIPB) in the southern Tyrol, and Orbx Simulation Systems enhanced the detail of 100 others. Gaya Simulations created 94 points of interest in Italy and 11 in Malta for World Update IX, and Perfect Flight built nine activities to grant users a wide range of immersive experiences: three bush trips, three discovery flights, and three landing challenges.

    World Update IX: Italy is available FREE to all owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Ensure that your simulator is updated, download World Update IX, and then lift into the sky and explore all the beauty and intrigue that Italy has to offer from above!


    1. FrankPilot's Avatar
      FrankPilot -
      All went well for me with this one. Alps look great. Cheers.
    1. roypaglia's Avatar
      roypaglia -
      New way of updating. Very straightforward. Also, for me, very fast considering how big it is, less than 5 minutes.
    1. roypaglia's Avatar
      roypaglia -
      Seems like there is a huge problem with trees in Italy after the update. Far to many and too big. The photogrammetry, at least where I fly a lot, Perugia, is stunning but ruined by the invasion of trees growing out of buildings, in tennis courts and car parks etc. Such a pity.
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