• IndiaFoxtEcho Reports on Xbox Testing

    IndiaFoxtEcho Reports on Xbox Testing

    Above is an awfully bad photo of an XBox Serie-S we have purchased specifically for XBox testing: with thanks to Microsoft we have been granted access on XBox to our products prior to the Marketplace release and during their test phase (previously we had to rely on their feedback and reports). This will ensure better communication between us and the Microsoft test team and hopefully a better support for the XBox in future.

    UNFORTUNATELY THE XBOX VERSION DOES NOT HAVE ANY DEBUG TOOL OR DEVELOPER MODE, so it is still VERY HARD to debug a product... but it is a step in the right direction.

    Speaking about the XBox Series S specifically, and coming from the PC-simmer Master Race, we are still amazed by the value that this console can provide.

    While the experience on an (expensive) PC is clearly superior, the XBox series S runs Microsoft Flight Simulator at an acceptable frame rate and with a pretty good image quality.

    And then, it is 299€ for the console, 59€ for a decent flight stick (like the T.16000 - YOU REALLY NEED ONE IF YOU ARE PLAYING WITH THE JOYPAD!!!!) and 69€ (unless you do not have the XBox game pass) for the base version of Flight Simulator.

    It is 429€ to play Flight Simulator on a console. Even with all the faults and problems of the base version, and even without any add-on, it is still great value for money.

    Let alone the fact that it is an unique experience on a console.

    On the bad side, we have experienced a couple of "infinite loading screen" occurrencies and the refresh rate of the digital instruments is much lower than on PC.

    Back to our testing, and to our plans for XBox, this is the current situation of our products:

    MB-339 -> WORKS FINE as far as we can tell

    LONG-EZ -> WORKS FINE as far as we can tell

    T-45C GOSHAWK -> LONG LOADING TIMES (and slow HUD refresh rate...but that is the sim). Apart from these issues, the T-45 seems to work quite well on our XBox Series S. We know that some users are still having problems with it and we are working on a new version with a smaller memory footprint.

    F-35 LIGHTNING II -> CRASHES THE SIM UPON LOADING. As discussed we will create a new X-Box specific build once 1.0.6 for PC is released. The latest news we have is that, apart from the video memory burden, there may be problems with XML code too.

    SU-31 -> WORKS FINE as far as we can tell... BUT it has been rejected by Microsoft for anomalies in the canopy reflections on XBox (seriously). We cannot reproduce the problem and will push for a release.


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      Congratulations on getting the fleet across to the XBox!
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