• Review Of Flight Simulator Lite

    Review Of Flight Simulator Lite

    Manufactured by Next Level Racing

    By Raymond Andersen


    I find the world of flight simulation to be extremely fascinating and absolutely very interesting seeing all the new developments within both various types of software but also computer hardware and especially dedicated flight simulation gear.

    Today I have started a new quest and set my focus on exploring a new branch of flight simulation gear that I have not previously looked into - flight cockpits featuring a built-in seat together with everything you need to mount your own hardware on to. You have probably seen cockpits like these before being racing cockpits for GTA or various other racecar platforms. Now you can also get customizable flight cockpits for the enthusiastic flight simmer, that will fit a great variety of your flight simulation gear and certainly lift your experience and the flight simulation immersion to a higher level.

    This review will cover the exciting foldable 'Flight Cockpit Lite' flight cockpit created by Next Level Racing and this will be the start of a series of reviews within this very interesting segment.

    Next Level Racing - Flight Simulator Lite

    Delivery And Packing

    The delivery was carried out by using the international forwarder DPD, and the pack was sent from the Netherlands and to my address in Denmark. The transport time was about three business days which is good and the delivery was made directly to my door step - the complete flight cockpit is packed into just one large box, and there were no sign of unusual hard handling.

    The first thing I noticed was the weight of the box; I could easily see that it was a large box, but still the weight surprised me - close to 25 kilos. During unpacking of the various included items I quickly understood why the box was so heavy - there are a huge number of items included and they are mostly made out of metal.

    The packaging features an external transport box which is made from good quality, hard, stiff and thick cardboard that perfectly supports the various items within. Inside the transport box I found the display box which is also a cardboard box but made from a thinner and not so strong cardboard quality - this box is also slightly smaller in size and thereby fits perfectly into the outer transport box providing perfect support.

    Now opening the display box I saw two packages - one was the basic parts of the set which were already partly pre-assembled and packed within a thick plastic bag and cornered by high quality cardboard angle supports. The second pack was a cardboard box made from a medium soft cardboard quality and featured all additional parts as screws, bolts, nuts, washers but also the accessories and additional parts to add to the basic setup. Inside this second box all parts were again packed each within an individual wrapping to support and secure each part perfectly. E.g. the various brackets were packed in something that looked like a thick aluminum foil with a softer material on the inside, and which absolutely was a superb packing for painted metal parts - they arrived without a scratch on any of them.

    Other parts like screws, washers and bolts were packed within small plastic zip bags and additional parts for the basic set was also packed in plastic bags that seemed to have been created each for a specific part with a 100% fit.

    Included in the bag was of course also an assembly/instruction manual - this manual features a total of 30 pages where the first section is regarding the content of the box down to number of specific screws and bolt etc. The second part is the assembly manual which is in English and features very good and detailed images for better understanding. The last part of the manual is 'Warning' and 'Assistance' and focuses on what not to do and what you need to have a focus on - this part is written in multiple languages as English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and several other languages.

    The instruction manual is a professional made, high quality and multi color printed manual, and even though this seat looks quite simple to assemble I did use the manual because some of the parts I was a bit unfamiliar with - this I will get into later on in the review. Overall the packaging was superb and supported the Flight Simulator Lite perfectly during transport and the unpacking.

    Next Level Racing - Flight Simulator Lite     Next Level Racing - Flight Simulator Lite

    Next Level Racing - Flight Simulator Lite     Next Level Racing - Flight Simulator Lite

    Next Level Racing - Flight Simulator Lite     Next Level Racing - Flight Simulator Lite

    Next Level Racing - Flight Simulator Lite     Next Level Racing - Flight Simulator Lite

    What Is Included In The Box

    The complete material list is also a part of the manual and the set features the following articles and of course a huge number of various screws, bolts, nuts and washers. At first I was quite surprised by the sheer number of screws and bolts included and thought... oh no... that really looked like a nightmare to assemble, but I quickly found out that you only need a very few screws and nuts for the entire assembly. All the additional screws, nuts and bolts can be used to mount different 3rd party hardware on to the set, and to make it more versatile there are included more than enough screws and bolts. Very positive indeed!

    There are two adjustable metal plates that can be mounted on each side of the flight cockpit hereby providing a good and solid base for adding various hardware controls. To support a great variety of hardware there are also included two special made metal bracket featuring a huge number of drilled holes - these brackets can be mounted on top of each of the side plates.

    Additionally there is also one double sized metal bracket again with a huge number of drilled holes - this metal bracket can be used on top of the side plates or in the center of the setup to support a keyboard or a yoke or similar. If you would like to use this bracket for support for a keyboard, you can also effectively use the two smaller metal brackets with a 90 degree bend that are included. These smaller brackets feature an adjustable function and a soft material at the bended section to fully support a keyboard without using screws.

    On the material list you also find a metal support arm as well as a TPR adapter. This TPR adapter you need to use if you want to mount the famous pendular rudder pedals from Thrustmaster. Other than these various items there are the sheer number of various screws, bolts, nuts and washers as previously written, together with one M3, M4 and M6 Allen key and a wrench... and of course the flight cockpit itself.

    All parts are made from high quality metal and painted beautifully with a smooth and shiny black paint - the flight cockpit absolutely looks very professional. All screws, nuts and bolts are also painted black to complete the flight cockpit perfectly. The various screws are all machine screws with different length, thickness and heads - here both for use with an Allen key or a Phillips screwdriver. You also have square neck bolts and countersunk screws as well as nuts both with and without a flange together with wingnuts. There are also included 10mm nylon spacers and some M6 fully threaded studs so you have a huge inventory of screws, nuts, bolts etc. to mount your hardware with.

    In the box you of course also have the actual flight cockpit which features a seat made from high quality fabrics, adjustable support for the seat both in the back and in the front together with a support for rudder pedals and keyboard/yoke.

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