• MSFS 2020 April 21st, 2022 Development Update

    MSFS 2020 April 21st, 2022 Development Update

    Thank you to everyone who submitted or upvoted a question in the forums for our upcoming Dev Q&A! We are taking a look now and are looking forward to chatting with you next week, April 27th at 10:30am PT (1730Z) on Twitch.

    As we near the end of our Sim Update 9 Public Beta, we will provide an update at the end of the week on how to transition smoothly between your Beta build and the public SU9 build next week for each platform. We hope you enjoy Sim Update 9 next Tuesday, as well as the release of our next Famous Flyers, the Gee Bee R2 and the Model Z.

    SDK Update

    Roadmap: Here is a glance at the team's current work, and a list of features that will be made available on the upcoming update.

    Sim Update 10

    • Terrain & Weather APIs
    • Aircraft Editor V2
    • Game rendered in a window in the DevMode

    General: The flighting for Sim Update 9 is almost over. Your feedback on DevSupport allowed us to investigate & fix several critical issues. Thanks for all your time and your great engagement!


    • We fixed potential issues in the Replay tool.
    • We're polishing the "Game rendered in a Window" feature and it will be available in the next Sim Update.

    Visual Effects Editor:

    • We fixed the double scroll-down bar in SimVar unit dropdown menu.
    • We fixed the multiplayer contrails that were no longer visible on Sim Update 9.

    Aircraft Editor:

    • We have removed the Debug windows from the Aircraft Editor, allowing you to access them without opening an aircraft project first. You will soon be able to find them under "Options > Debug drawing > Aircraft".
    • We are still polishing the new Aircraft Editor. A first version will be made available ASAP!

    WASM: We are polishing the Weather & Terrain APIs and creating samples to help you understand the usage.

    SimConnect: We fixed FacilityGetAirportList.


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    1. FatNig's Avatar
      FatNig -
      Very good. Unfortunately many people including myself can no longer fly MSFS in VR using Oculus 2 headsets as there is now a conflict between the two leading to constant 'freezing' of the sim. As VR is the best way to really enjoy the sim I will be hanging up my Oculus kit and shutting down the sim until the inevitable 'fix' comes along.
    1. sky44's Avatar
      sky44 -
      Baloney, lots of baloney...
    1. awaken's Avatar
      awaken -
      Looking forward to X Plane 12
    1. JSkorna's Avatar
      JSkorna -
      Quote Originally Posted by awaken View Post
      Looking forward to X Plane 12
      That's nice!
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