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    P-51D Mustang

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    Dale Ashcroft

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    Aeroplane Heaven - P-51D Mustang for MSFS 2020

    Aircraft Overview

    The following is an extract from Wikipedia:

    The North American Aviation P-51 Mustang is an American long-range, single-seat fighter and fighter-bomber used during World War II and the Korean War, among other conflicts. The Mustang was designed in April 1940 by a team headed by James Kindelberger of North American Aviation (NAA) in response to a requirement of the British Purchasing Commission.

    From late 1943, P-51Bs and P-51Cs (supplemented by P-51Ds from mid-1944) were used by the USAAF's Eighth Air Force to escort bombers in raids over Germany, while the RAF's Second Tactical Air Force and the USAAF's Ninth Air Force used the Merlin-powered Mustangs as fighter-bombers, roles in which the Mustang helped ensure Allied air superiority in 1944. The P-51 was also used by Allied air forces in the North African, Mediterranean, Italian, and Pacific theatres. During World War II, Mustang pilots claimed to have destroyed 4,950 enemy aircraft.

    At the start of the Korean War, the Mustang, by then redesignated F-51, was the main fighter of the United States until jet fighters, including North American's F-86, took over this role; the Mustang then became a specialized fighter-bomber. Despite the advent of jet fighters, the Mustang remained in service with some air forces until the early 1980s. After the Korean War, Mustangs became popular civilian warbirds and air racing aircraft.

    Aeroplane Heaven - P-51D Mustang for MSFS 2020


    At the time of this review, the aircraft is priced at a very reasonable £27.43 ($35.95) which is great as you get a lot of bang for your buck with this one. The purchase of the product was quick and painless from the FlightSim.Com Store and with a download size of around 2.1 GB.


    One thing that I have come to love of the new MSFS is the quick way of manually installing a product, no more needing to run through an auto installer that sends the files to the correct location such as a folder for the aircraft, gauges, etc. Simply drag and drop into the community folder and off you go.

    Aeroplane Heaven - P-51D Mustang for MSFS 2020


    The documentation included with the product is extensive and details everything that you need to know about how to operate this warbird. It includes:

    • Aircraft specs
    • Cockpit layout
    • Start procedure
    • Take-off procedure
    • Landing procedure
    • Features of the aircraft
    • Addendum

    Enough to get you off the ground and enjoying the aircraft.


    The cockpit is of course from an era when everything was steam driven. Panning around the cockpit you can see the wear and tear which adds a very much worn look to the aircraft. If we had the ability to smell the cockpit you could almost get a whiff of the cordite that would fill the cockpit as the machine guns were fired. The views outside of the cockpit vary depending on what phase of flight you are in. Whilst you are on the ground it can be difficult to see where you are going, which is what you would expect from a tail-dragger so it's best to try and lean out of the cockpit to see where you are going, easy to do if you have some sort of head tracking or use VR. Once you are up in the air, the views are fantastic; you can only imagine what it must be like to see those wings on your shoulders in real life.

    Aeroplane Heaven - P-51D Mustang for MSFS 2020

    The detail around the cockpit is lovely. You can see that the developer has painstakingly tried to bring as much to the table as possible. Visually the cockpit can only be described as a masterpiece, however with that said the aircraft is not study level so don't expect it to be complicated in terms of systems; I have never operated the real aircraft so I couldn't accurately say how far off it is. All switches are 'flickable'. Having said that, Aeroplane Heaven have been very smart with using some of the more miscellaneous switches as functions to toggle options, such as changing from a gun site to a modern day GPS display. There is also a hidden panel that allows for you to toggle the pilot, gun bay panels on the wings and so on.

    Overall the cockpit is lovely and really makes you feel you are at the controls of something that will knock your socks off.

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