• IndiaFoxtEcho Status Update Regarding F-35 For MSFS

    IndiaFoxtEcho Status Update Regarding F-35 For MSFS

    First, we'd like to thank you once again for your support to our F-35 project. Despite the initial stability problems experienced by some users (thanks for your patience!) it has been a great success so far, both in terms of sales and (more important for us) customer feedback.

    During the weekend we have received several emails asking for updates on this project in general, and in particular our progress with the FCS system and XBox release, so here are some details on where we are.

    First, the general plan is to release a "quality of life" update (which will be 1.0.6) for the F-35 after Sim Update 9 is deployed. This will be primarily targeted to solve a couple of minor bugs and mistakes and improve several small details in the avionics, and possibly take advantage of some of the changes of SU9.

    With regards to the two topics above:

    FCS - We have been doing quite a lot of work on the FCS, trying to implement the native MSFS system. However we are not yet happy with the results. In particular, the MSFS built-in fly-by-wire simulation seems pretty good for airliners, but not great for high-performance jets, especially in transonic and supersonic conditions.

    We will keep on working on it.

    As a temporary backup, we have tried restored the old XML-driven autotrim system which is not super accurate but seems to work - but at the moment we are focusing on the native MSDS fly-by-wire implementation.

    XBOX - We have managed to significatively shrink the memory footprint of the F-35 down to approximately 730Mb. This is still way above the Asobo models (which are 200 to 300Mb) but *should* be manageable. However, while the Microsoft/Asobo team thinks that this is the main problem, frankly we are not totally convinced this is the only issue with XBox compatibility, as there may be other things we have not identified yet.

    The plan is to first complete the 1.0.6 improvements on PC and use it as baseline for a new XBox version - which will need to be tested by Microsoft.

    We hope this clarifies the situation.

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