• PMDG 737 for MSFS: Developer Update - A Bit Of Depth For Today

    PMDG 737 for MSFS: Developer Update - A Bit Of Depth For Today

    This week has brought us a bit closer to release, but we are still being pretty cautious about setting a date-certain because of a few things that add some ambiguity. The biggest issue we are evaluating is the potential for Asobo's pending MSFS SU9 to create unanticipated issues with the 737. As you can imagine, consistency in the platform is important for testing purposes, so pushing a release out the door right at the pivot point when a major bug-fix change is coming to the platform requires some pretty careful calculus in order to avoid disrupting the testing process, but also being cautious about not creating a negative initial user experience when SU9 drops.

    We have not yet finalized a decision and there is an entire evaluative process taking place. As I said in my 08APR22 update: When we make the date certain, we will let you know.

    One other way to make this point so that it is clear: This product is not going to drop unannounced. You will know the day in advance. We may even give you an approximate time of day. So until you see us post this information, the date/time has not been set with certainty.

    If we haven't told you the date/time yet, it means we have not finalized it.


    1. RI_Red's Avatar
      RI_Red -
      I thought they were releasing the NG, but they are showing a shot of the Max?
    1. SkyTreks's Avatar
      SkyTreks -
      Anticipating the "imminent" release of the PMDG 737 is about as pointless as anticipating the Rapture.
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