• IndiaFoxtEcho Sukhoi SU-31 Release On Short Final

    IndiaFoxtEcho Sukhoi SU-31 Release On Short Final

    We are sorry but we were not able release the SU-31 during the weekend as we planned, as there were a couple of last-minute tweaks we had to test and there were some errors in the manual.

    On the good side, last night we managed to fix pretty much everything...and the plane is ready for release: we just need to do the bureaucratic stuff for file submission with the different vendors (every vendor requires slightly different things) but we expect the plane to be available in the next few days from all of our usual outlets... except Microsoft, which - as usual - will have a slightly longer lead time.

    IndiaFoxtEcho Sukhoi SU-31 Release On Short Final

    Pending Microsoft testing, the plane should also be available on XBox.

    Contrary to the commercial logic, we'd like to talk about a bit of the defects of this project - or, in marketing jargon, "opportunities for further improvement":

    While we think the plane is fun to fly, and you should be able to pull most aerobatic maneuvers, the flick/snap roll behavior is not great and it is difficult to control it precisely. Also, the simulator seems to overestimate the energy loss during vertical maneuvers, so we "pumped" the engine and prop performance a little to have achieve speeds closer to the real aircraft during some maneuvers.

    Also, since the avionics are super-basic (just a radio and a transponder), this is probably not your best pick for long-cross country flights or any kind of complex navigation.

    Retail price will be around €17.5, depending on currency exchange and applicable taxes.

    IndiaFoxtEcho Sukhoi SU-31 Release On Short Final


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