• MSFS 2020 April 7th, 2022 Development Update

    MSFS 2020 April 7th, 2022 Development Update

    We are one week into our public Sim Update 9 Beta testing and your feedback has already led to an improved build which came out this past Tuesday. We anticipate more updates during Beta testing and continue to work through your reports. A huge thank you to those who have taken the time to help us in this endeavor!

    Below, you will find a brand new version of our Feedback Snapshot. We are now taking a three-layers approach to how we gather your feedback as well as present back to you what we are working on. Those layers are:

    • Active Development - This is a selection of some of the items we are currently working on. In it, we will reference different wishlist or bug item numbers that may be associated with it.
    • Bugs and Wishes - Past 3 Months: These lists indicate which items have been created and voted on the most just within the last three months. While lifetime votes are important for the overall scope, we want to know what your current bugs/wishes are.
    • Bugs and Wishes - Lifetime Votes: You will be the most familiar with this section as it details the highest voted bugs and wishlist items overall.

    We are always looking to improve how we communicate, and would love your feedback on this new process. Thank you!


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