• Aerosoft Announces North Sea Industry For MSFS 2020

    Aerosoft Announces North Sea Industry For MSFS 2020

    The North Sea is not a stretch of water.

    It is an incredibly productive fishery where over 2,5 million metric tons of fish are caught every year. Close to 7000 fishing vessels, ranging from small trawlers to absolutely massive factory ships, provide food for millions of Europeans.

    Because of the climate, geographical conditions, and current demands make it a prime location for wind farms. The average depth is around 60 meters meaning it is relatively cheap to place wind turbines, and as any seamen can tell you, the wind is a constant in the North Sea. Around 25% of the total North Sea is now scheduled to be used for wind farms. Many tens of thousands of turbines will provide the countries around the North Sea with renewable energy. Many wind farms are being built at this moment. If all reserved areas of the North Sea are used, there will be close to 100.000 wind turbines. These will be able to provide 80% of the electricity needs of the countries bordering the North Sea.

    Underneath the North Sea is another treasure. Oil and gas. In huge quantities, not as easy to get to as in the Middle East, but due to the depth of the sea, technically very feasible with current energy prices. Close to 200 oil structures, often made up of multiple platforms, are placed on the most productive fields.

    Aerosoft Announces North Sea Industry For MSFS 2020

    In between these structures, tens of thousands of vessels have to find their way. The absolutely massive oil tankers, container ships and bulk carriers seek the load and unload their goods in the harbours of Rotterdam and dozens of others. Huge ships lay cables and pipelines. Ferries link countries (I long back to the big hoovercrafts!).

    While the number of people working on the North Sea is limited (estimated at around 8000 people), the money involved is staggering. Billions of euros are invested every year. Even a small oil platform will run into the 500 millions of euros. A modern support vessel can easily cost 100 million.

    This DLC can be merged with any of the other add-ons covering shipping or other offshore elements.

    Aerosoft Announces North Sea Industry For MSFS 2020

    So what can you see? Let me make a list; it is not complete.

    Fishing Industry

    • Trawlers
    • Factory Ships
    • Seiners

    Shipping Industry

    • Container ships
    • Bulk carriers
    • LNG tankers
    • Oil tankers
    • Chemical tankers
    • Fruit juice tankers (I did not even know these existed)
    • Life stock carriers

    Other Ships

    • Ferries
    • Cruise ships

    Wind Industry

    • Monopile wind turbines
    • Jacket wind turbines
    • Floating structure wind turbines
    • Fast crew boats
    • Substations

    Wind Industry Construction

    • Survey vessels
    • Heavy lift vessels
    • Offshore support vessels
    • Crane vessels
    • Crane platforms
    • Floatels
    • Tug boats

    Oil/Gas Industry

    • Production rigs (spar, jack-up, compliant)
    • Normally Unmanned Installations (NUI)
    • Conductor Support Systems (satellite stations)
    • Toadstools
    • Fast crew boats
    • Support vessels
    • Anchor vessels
    • Patrol vessels
    • Floating production systems ships
    • Floating production systems monocolumn
    • Floatels
    • Single buoy mooring stations
    • Fast Resque Boats

    Oil/Gas Construction

    • Drilling rigs
    • Seismic survey vessels
    • Crane vessels
    • Tug boats
    • Anchor vessels

    This product is intended to be released in late summer at between 10 and 15 Euro. It will run on PC and Xbox. We have a team of veteran experts assisting us to make sure what we show is realistic.


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