• IndiaFoxtEcho Announces Third Project For DCS

    IndiaFoxtEcho Announces Third Project For DCS

    It is finally time to reveal our third project for DCS.

    After the MB-339 and the G.91, we have decided to recreate digitally another Italian thoroughbred: the AEROGALLO aircraft.

    We think it is a perfect fit in terms of functionality in DCS and a natural evolution, in terms of complexity, of our DCS efforts.

    The Aerogallo project will feature extremely high-detail 3D model (down to the single rivet and bolt modeled in 3D!) and 8K textures.

    IndiaFoxtEcho Announces Third Project For DCS

    The flight model will be extremely realistic, merging in-flight test data with CFD predictions: our target is to be below 0.1% error in any phase of the flight.

    All the systems and features of the real aircraft will be simulated with custom code, and all the weapon systems of the aircraft will be accurately modeled, including the dreaded "Cock-a-doodle-do" sound which can be used for psychological warfare.

    We expect the DCS AEROGALLO module to be available in Q1-2023 - the suggested retail price will be €94.99 (a little steep for our standards, but it reflects the high detail of this project and the development costs).

    New module is coming - DCS Aerogallo.


    1. rooitou's Avatar
      rooitou -
      Phew, thank goodness I checked the date before mouthing off on this one ;-)
    1. sky44's Avatar
      sky44 -
      Ugly as hell!!!
    1. piet06273's Avatar
      piet06273 -
      Kudus for Flightsim.com for announcing this 'airbraking' release..............
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