• FlyByWire Simulations Interview with Will Pine

    FlyByWire Simulations Interview with Will Pine

    Conducted by Dominic Smith

    Interview - Will Pine - FlyByWire

    Will, thank you for taking the time to talk to FlightSim.Com. Could I begin by asking you about how the FlyByWire Simulations project came about?

    A few weeks prior to the launch of MSFS, the press embargo was lifted, allowing certain streamers and content creators to showcase footage from the alpha/beta builds of the simulator. After seeing the lack of detail in the default A320neo, I sought to create a project to help improve it, much like the Zibo 737 for X-Plane. However, one key difference is that I wanted this to be open, and allow anyone to contribute to it, as it would both speed up development and lead to a more accurate plane, as opposed to keeping it closed-source which has pretty much been the norm for freeware flight simulator add-ons until then. I made a post on the /r/flightsim subreddit asking if anyone wanted to help out, and I received a LOT of replies, so I went ahead and made a Discord server to better communicate with everyone and organize the first steps of the project.

    Interview - Will Pine - FlyByWire

    Interview - Will Pine - FlyByWire

    Interview - Will Pine - FlyByWire

    1. W33's Avatar
      W33 -
      Excellent interview. Had this mod from day one (a must have).

      Thanks Will and Dominic

    1. simtech95209's Avatar
      simtech95209 -
      Absolutely a stellar team effort. Large developer houses could take some tips from the FBW team. Best wishes to all team members...tp
    1. bobraw776's Avatar
      bobraw776 -
      I tried to fly from EIDW to EGKK yesterday using the latest experimental FBW A320n. Unfortunately it couldn't manage the STAR and flew over Gatwick at 10000ft. Disappointing. Both the Heavy 787 and the Salty 747 can both do this very well.
      I thought you had cracked the VNAV system?
    1. David Sellens's Avatar
      David Sellens -
      How do I get the Download. for Salty SIM. FlyByWire. thank you, David
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