• MSFS on Xbox Cloud Gaming - Flying from the Cloud

    MSFS on Xbox Cloud Gaming - Flying from the Cloud?

    By twotonemurphy

    Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available via Xbox Cloud Gaming. Not long ago, I covered 2 other similar options, which were "Remote Play" where you connect back to your Xbox console to play as though you were actually at your Xbox albeit remotely, and Cloud Gaming, where you sign up for a PC in the Cloud and run whatever you liked including MSFS from it.

    MSFS on Xbox Cloud Gaming

    So, what is Xbox Cloud Gaming? And is it any good? Who is it intended for? How does it compare to those other offerings? Why am I giving myself all these questions to try and answer? Well, let's try and get some of those questions out of the way...

    MSFS on Xbox Cloud Gaming

    What is Xbox Cloud Gaming?

    Well, it's actually been around for about 6 months now, and is still in Beta form. By signing up to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (more on that later), using a compatible device and meeting some hardware spec requirements, you can stream various games directly from the Microsoft Cloud. Microsoft Flight Simulator was just added on the 1st of March 2022 as one of those games. Just like Netflix, you are streaming the visuals back rather than needing to worry about the compute power needed to run it natively.

    In simple terms, Xbox Cloud Gaming lets you play MSFS without needing an expensive PC or the latest Xbox to do so.

    What do I need to use this?

    Well, there's only four things really. Let's go through them quickly one by one.

    First up, you will need a decent internet connection. Goes without saying really, that you will be pulling your hair out unless you have a good speedy connection and it's stable. All the power to stream the game is via your internet, so the usual things apply here such as wired rather than wireless if possible, and close anything else that might be running taking up bandwidth. 20 Mbps or higher is suggested by Microsoft but I'd suggest 30 Mbps at a minimum.

    Second, is a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. There's no way around this, this is a must have to get up and running. However, the good news is that you can pretty much try before you buy, well you can for £1 at least, for the first month before moving to the regular price of £11 per month. For this, you get access to the ever growing library of Cloud Games, other Xbox related benefits and of course save on the initial cost of buying the game in the first place. MSFS Game of the Year Standard Edition costs £60 which you now get access to play for nothing by signing up for the Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

    MSFS on Xbox Cloud Gaming

    Third is a supported device. Without getting into detailed hardware specs, to simplify, can your device run the latest modern browser - be it Edge, Safari or Chrome? If so, you're probably in business. For mobile devices, can it run the latest OS for your device? If so, again, very likely you're all set. For specific breakdowns on supported devices check here on system requirements.

    Finally, and just as important as the above is an Xbox Bluetooth controller. Don't be fooled here - not all Xbox controllers are equal, some still currently on sale use a Wireless protocol to connect to the console; more recent controllers now use Bluetooth. Xbox Bluetooth controllers basically let you connect them to non-Xbox hardware, so a must-have for our needs here, and these can be picked up easily, if you can spare the hit of £55 on your wallet.

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