• Today In Aviation: First Flight Of Convair CV-240

    Today In Aviation: First Flight Of Convair CV-240

    Today in aviation marks the anniversary of the first flight of the Convair CV-240, an American airliner that was manufactured from 1947 to 1954, initially as a possible replacement for the ubiquitous Douglas DC-3.

    Featuring a more modern design with cabin pressurization, the 240 series made some inroads as a commercial airliner and had a long development cycle that produced various civil and military variants. The Model 240 was followed by the Model 340, which had a longer fuselage, longer-span wings, and more powerful engines. In 1954, in an attempt to compete with turboprop-powered airliners such as the Vickers Viscount, Convair produced the Model 440 Metropolitan, with more streamlined cowlings, new engine exhausts, and better cabin soundproofing. Though reduced in numbers by attrition, various forms of the "Convairliners" continue to fly in the 21st century.

    Convair CV-440

    VT 795 The Convair Liner Convair 240, 340:

    If you're an FSX/FS2004 user and would like to try your hand at flying the Convair CV-240, why not head on over to the file library and check out the excellent model by Greg Pepper, Tom Gibson, and FSAviator:

    FS2004/FSX American Air Lines Convair CV-240 CA-18: cv-240_ca18_calclassic.zip

    1. Tetsuji's Avatar
      Tetsuji -
      I`m hapy to read the article of my favorite airliner. Thank you to teach me it`s important date. from TK in Japan
    1. piet06273's Avatar
      piet06273 -
      Saw PH-TEA in my youth, people seemed in a better physical shape then......
    1. Rupert's Avatar
      Rupert -
      Never saw one RW. But I've been in several DC-3s (or R-4s in our parlance) and flown one "2nd seat" one time. Better cabin noise reduction and cabin pressure would certainly have been a huge improvement in themselves!

      Thanks for the clip!! I also enjoyed seeing some other unusual old birds in the clip as well.

    1. toftedal's Avatar
      toftedal -
      Pretty darn good-looking bird. Flew in a 580 several times. Perhaps a bit noisy but lots of room in the cabin. Thanks for the memory.
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