• Latest Development Update For DC Designs Concorde For MSFS

    Latest Development Update For DC Designs Concorde For MSFS

    Welcome to the next development update covering the Concorde for MSFS. Here's a summary of where we are from Dean at DC Designs. Please note all images are still WIP.

    Concorde is now reaching the point where all essential operational systems are active, and further extra features are being added in.

    The addition of interactive points such as jetway attachment, ground power, fuel trucks, baggage loading, boarding ramps and so on, have really bought Concorde to life. Both forward and aft baggage compartments have been added and animate whenever baggage loading is requested from ATC. Likewise, refuelling ports and the Ground Power Hatch open when those requests are made, with the relevant vehicles arriving and connecting to fuel or power lines.

    Latest Development Update For DC Designs Concorde For MSFS

    Latest Development Update For DC Designs Concorde For MSFS

    Latest Development Update For DC Designs Concorde For MSFS

    Flight deck work continues with projection gauges and annunciator / circuit lights being coded for their correct purposes. The fuel system is now complete, and matches the real Concorde's entire set up. The electrical and hydraulic systems are also in place. Full auto-pilot features have all been added ( including max-climb, max-cruise and others ) allowing full ILS landings and approaches to supporting airports. The flight model perfectly mirrors Concorde's real-life performance throughout the flight envelope, and trans-Atlantic range is confirmed, wtih fuel burn matching the real Concorde closely.

    PBR is now applied to the main fuselage and engines, and texture artwork will continue to be improved over the coming weeks along with much of the interior modeling and detailing. The galley and passenger cabin are all being worked upon, with finer detail being gradually added in. In addition, work is well underway on Concorde's full custom sound-set, including those deafening Olympus engines.

    Release still on for this month so do stay tuned. And enjoy these latest shots.


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