• IndiaFoxtEcho MSFS Projects Update

    IndiaFoxtEcho MSFS Projects Update

    We have completed our testing of SU8 and while we have not found any major issues, unfortunately we have found a couple of issues with the new SDK so that we had to revert to the previous version. On the good side, documentation is getting better and better.

    Here is an update on the various projects we are working on at the moment.

    IndiaFoxtEcho MSFS Projects Update


    It seems that Microsoft has solved the encryption issue for the Marketplace on PC. Some problems still persist on the X-Box version - and this is all we know at the moment for the Marketplace release.

    Aside, after SU8 our (pseudo) TFLIR and mapping code seems not to work anymore... so we are considering to release an update without it and add it at a later date.

    IndiaFoxtEcho MSFS Projects Update

    SUKHOI 31

    We just need to fix a couple of minor issues with the clock and the sound package. Also, we wanted to try the new prop dynamics model. We hope it will be ready for release soon.


    We have finally finished rebuilding the main landing gear, which is now much closer to the real deal, and we plan to furtherly improve the external textures. In terms of systems and fidelity we hope it will be on par with our P3D version.

    Other Updates

    T-45 GOSHAWK - Update to include TACAN support is complete... but we are working to see if it makes sense to reorganize some parts of the package.

    MB-339 - Minor update planned to add proper support to TACAN navigation.

    LONG-EZ - We'd like to experiment with the new propeller model, but we believe that it may not bring a significant improvement to the flight model in this case.

    F-14D SUPER TOMCAT - We have received a lot of positive feedback and encouragement on this project, but at the moment we do not have the bandwidth to create a virtual cockpit on par with the external model.

    EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON - 3D Modeling in progress. We are not ready to show decent screen shots yet.

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