• IndiaFoxtEcho Update On F-35 Project

    IndiaFoxtEcho Update On F-35 Project

    Let's start with the bad news: we do not have a date yet for the Marketplace/X-Box release.

    To recap the situation, we have submitted the latest build to Microsoft, they reviewed it and they found that the aircraft was fine... however, after the encryption, it causes a long "freeze" in the hangar screen. Unencrypted copies work fine, so the problem lies on the Microsoft side.

    There is not much we can do apart from pushing and waiting.

    We are sorry for that but it is beyond our control.

    On the good side, we have (quickly) tested the F-35 with the SU8 preview and it seems to work fine... however we will wait for the final SU8 build before releasing updates or do major changes, as we know from previous experiences that the final build may change...

    ...and good things come for those who wait, so here is a quick recap of the main improvements we have been working on (along with the usual bug fixes):

    IndiaFoxtEcho Update On F-35 Project

    IndiaFoxtEcho Update On F-35 Project

    HMD - We have been working hard to migrate functions from the old (and more realistic) HMD to the new one (way more stable). We are quite happy with the end result.

    TACAN - We have added support to pure TACAN stations, although at the moment it is bearing/range only. This was slightly more difficult than expected as the SDK has some typos and missing commands for the TACAN functionalities. Of course we'd like to bring this also to the 339 and the T-45.

    COCKPIT NIGHT LIGHTING - We have added panel backlighting (still WIP in the picture).

    IMAGERY FUNCTIONS (PSEUDO-FLIR, GROUND MAPPING) - Reason why they are not included is that all the PCD is programmed in XML, and while it was way faster for us to do it, it also quite limited in MSFS and in particular has no support for mapping and synthetic vision functionalities.

    The way we did it was to create additional polygons for the PCD screen, apply a HTML5/JS-driven texture to them and stitch them over the existing PCD screen.

    Moreover there is no real support for IR sensors, so what you do is simply to create a synthetic vision window in HTML5/JS and recolor it. Not great... but better than nothing.

    As for the new flight model we have promised, it is still being worked on but most likely it will not be ready for the next update.

    Also there are many other small defects we'd like to fix...and we'll try our best to fix them over time.


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