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    Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg

    Publisher: Aerosoft

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    Alex Dickinson

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    Aerosoft - Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg for Prepar3D

    Intro And History

    In this scenery review, I shall be looking at Berlin Brandenburg for Prepar3D V4/V5. This scenery was one I was very keen to try out as it was produced in part by 29Palms, makers of Skiathos, which I reviewed previously and enjoyed very much.

    Berlin to date has had three primary airports serving it. Arguably the most famous of these being Tempelhof, known for its curving terminal and hangar like structure. You also had Tegel, but just like Tempelhof, this has now been closed to see Brandenburg become the only/primary airport to serve Berlin.

    Brandenburg, once known as 'Schoenfeld', served Berlin alongside Tegel, but only did so with one small terminal (now known as Terminal 5) favoured by low-cost airlines such as: EasyJet, Ryanair, and EuroWings. However, when a new terminal building opened on the site in late 2020, the airport was renamed 'Brandenburg'. The terminal's construction actually started way back as 2006 but was delayed due to building issues.


    That's enough history on Brandenburg, let's talk about the manual included in the package, a PDF document available in both English and German. I really liked the manual as it contained a lot of useful information about airport parking stands, even as far as mentioning where you should stop on the stand for each type of aircraft used.

    Aerosoft - Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg for Prepar3D     Aerosoft - Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg for Prepar3D

    Aerosoft - Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg for Prepar3D     Aerosoft - Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg for Prepar3D

    There was also extensive information about, installation, recommended settings, and even a Q&A section. These where quite useful as it meant you didn't need to jet off to the forums to find an answer to a rudimentary question. The manual also included information about navigational aids, but I found the information relating to ILS, lacking when it came to certain important data.

    Another issue I came across was that most of the settings were geared towards Prepar3D V4, I couldn't find any mention of V5. This was concerning because V5 and V4 perform differently, so I would have liked to have seen more information relating to optimised settings for V5.

    Apron, Runways, Taxiways

    The apron area of Brandenburg featured good use of both asphalt and concrete textures. I also liked the way the developers had used rubber marks on the taxiways, aprons, and runways, mostly seen around Terminal 5. This shows good attention to detail by 29Palms as the newer southern end of the airport has only just been made operational, so tire wear here would have been minimal at best. One issue I did come across was the signage on the ground itself. In some areas I found these textures to be rather dim and struggled to read them.

    Terminal Buildings

    The terminal buildings have been wonderfully and accurately recreated, with some fantastic use of high-quality textures.

    Those of you who have read my previous reviews, will know I really enjoy it when developers model terminal interiors, and luckily enough, one has been included with the new terminal. However, as nice as this was to see, I found the modelling to be extremely repetitive and slightly off putting.

    Aerosoft - Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg for Prepar3D     Aerosoft - Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg for Prepar3D

    Aerosoft - Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg for Prepar3D     Aerosoft - Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg for Prepar3D

    Despite not featuring an interior, the modelling of the now closed old terminal 5 building is still featured and has been crafted very accurately, with good use of texturing and modelling.

    When it came to the gates themselves, please be mindful that default 'CTRL + J', jetways have been used instead of SODE. This is something I would expect to see as standard, but it is possible to install SODE manually and can be done so very easily.

    Link: https://sode.aerosoft.com/

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