• IndiaFoxtEcho Update on DCS World Projects

    IndiaFoxtEcho Update on DCS World Projects

    Time for a quick update on our DCS World projects...

    DCS MB-339A

    Testing on the DCS version of our MB-339A project is moving forward at a steady pace and we are quite happy with the results so far. At the same time we are finalizing the implementation of the (very few) missing bits: our target is to try and deliver a fully-featured package right from the start, trying to skip the "Early Access" approach.

    In detail, the entire synchronization logic of the multicrew is currently being written, which will allow you to share the plane with your friend by interacting in every phase of flight.

    We are also working to complete the implementation of the AHRS/GPS system which allows the pilot to have all navigation data under control at any time. The AHRS/GPS also allows the pilot to activate a flight plan and/or modify it, enter or update mission data such as waypoints and target points (a flight plan can have up to 99 nodes), mark point acquisition, position updating, automatic/manual steerpoints selection.

    As for a release date, we are still aiming for Q1 2022, but the final release date may be affected by the testing process, and in any case our policy is "it is done when it is done".

    IndiaFoxtEcho DCS G.91 cockpit

    IndiaFoxtEcho DCS G.91 cockpit

    DCS G.91

    While our DCS coding department is working hard on the MB-339, our art department has made some progress on the G.91, so here are a couple of renderings of the cockpit: we are prioritizing this part of the model as we think it will create a solid base for the rest of the development process.

    We are quite happy with the results so far and we are looking forward to add the G-91 to the family of Cold War DCS fighters.


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