• Aerosoft Starts Discussion For Next Airbus Project

    Aerosoft Starts Discussion For Next Airbus Project

    I would like to start some discussion about what Airbus we will do after the A330. There are a few options:

    • Add more versions (engines, etc.) of the A330.
    • Add the Neo version of the A330.

    While interesting for the high end simmers, commercially this is not very interesting because while for P3D all customers were 'high-end' simmers, the same is most certainly not true for the current customer base. To put it bluntly, adding different engine options for the A330 simply will only add a few percentages in sales (just as it did for P3D btw). The Neo is slightly more attractive, but still marginally.

    • A318/A319
    • A320/A321

    The obvious choice. Now to be clear we do not consider Fenix etc to be an important factor. Not only because they obviously aim for a different kind of product (they want to simulate the aircraft, we want to simulate the job of being a pilot), but mainly because they do not make a MSFS product, but just a software bridge between existing software and the sim. This makes sales on Marketplace impossible. As that is simply the biggest sales channel (with a large margin), disregarding that is simply not a good idea for us. I am sure many people here will say I am out of my mind, but I got sales reports, right? My job is to produce products that make money and the market is simply totally different.

    However, what our friends of at FBW are doing is kick-ass stuff for the A320. Now we have different ideas, do not use Javascript and HTML (that have some serious drawbacks in performance) and again simply want to do a different project focused on the crew where the aircraft is just the tool. We have done so for ten years and it has served us very well. It does not always get the attention of the vocal community, but it simply has a larger potential audience. So doing the smaller Airbusses seems attractive. They always sold very well for us and inside our teams everybody would prefer to fly a 318 over an A321.

    • A350

    Forget it. There is simply no way anybody can get access to the tables needed to make a serious A350. While you can get those for the older Airbusses, even pilots do not have access to these tables and the only way to recreate them would be to experiment with a real aircraft. We got a lot of pilot friends, but they are simply not able to do 10 ascends to FL 200 with different engine settings and then repeat the same for a few different weights. The data is simply not there.

    • A380

    Commercially that aircraft is about as interesting to us as it is for airlines.

    What are your thoughts on what Airbus should be developed next? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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    1. eric8024's Avatar
      eric8024 -
      A330-900 and the Neo's....Why cant you re-engine the existing products and sell that? I myself like the 737-max series, so i'm not interested in any PMDG product that is for the older series 737's...
    1. lmhariano's Avatar
      lmhariano -
      Add the A330-200!
    1. avallillo's Avatar
      avallillo -
      I think you have put your own case succinctly, although you probably did not mean to! What I am saying is - why Airbus?? Of all the makers out there, I myself find them to be the least attractive (I only ever flew the A-300 and am glad I never had to fly on of those sidestick "airplanes"); and in any case the field is crowded already, with all sorts of options on all sorts of simulator platforms. If you rule out the 350 and 380 that only leaves you with the A-340 (different engines are a waste of time, in my opinion, and most customers probably expect that as an included option in a release anyway). The 320 comes in the box, and just needs the Zibo treatment, which it appears to be getting.

      What FS2020 desperately needs is more decent non Airbus airliners, preferably of the 1980-1990 vintage, or even earlier. We need a good 727, and probably a good MD-80. The success of the PMDG DC-6 shows the potential for older airliners in 2020. How about a 707 and/or DC-8!

      I suspect that it will be easier for you to go the Airbus route, since you have already gone down that road, but you may be looking at diminishing returns going forward. Then again - who can really say before the fact, in this business!

      I think it is necessary to decently simulate the aircraft in order to simulate the job of being a pilot. But I often wonder if it is necessary to go to the lengths that PMDG , and perhaps others, do (not that the DC-6 is not fantastic!) with the physics of modeling a lot of the systems. As far as I knew, even the Level D sims at the airlines used look-up tables for most of what the "instruments" wound up showing. Maybe that has changed in the last 15 years since I retired - who can say? Pilots never knew and probably don't know now because they don't have to. This was why the sims could not be used for some tasks - they had no data for some things. A sim does not have to fly like the airplane - it just has to SEEM to fly like the airplane, more or less. How more or less depends upon the current FAA regs. But as long as the right numbers show up on the screens at the right time, it's good in the hood! It's not as though you need to get this stuff FAA certified!

      Is there something about the Airbusii that make them easier to simulate?
    1. igami's Avatar
      igami -
      Already they closed the topic.
      I wonder what they wanted to hear.
    1. W33's Avatar
      W33 -
      Personally I would prefer one of their older designs.

    1. Elvensmith's Avatar
      Elvensmith -
      Why not a DC10 or Tristar? MSFS appears to be saturated with A320's already.
    1. lmhariano's Avatar
      lmhariano -
      Quote Originally Posted by avallillo View Post
      We need a good 727, and probably a good MD-80. The success of the PMDG DC-6 shows the potential for older airliners in 2020. How about a 707 and/or DC-8!
      I understand Leonardo is developing their Maddog for FS2020. However, they are not so communicative as Fenix or PMDG. I don't know if they will limit it to the MD-82, -83 and -88 as in their latest version. But there's hope already.

      I do miss a 727 in P3D4! Even after buying the CS one for FSX, I feel it's not up to the DF727 for FS9.
    1. igami's Avatar
      igami -
      This is what we can see when click the source.
      I wonder what is happening.

      We could not find that topic.
    1. eefields's Avatar
      eefields -
      Quote Originally Posted by igami View Post
      This is what we can see when click the source.
      I wonder what is happening.

      We could not find that topic.
      What about a good quality 757/767 or DC10 or MD11?
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