• VSKYLABS Announces RC-Pilot Jump Jet 2830

    VSKYLABS Announces RC-Pilot Jump Jet 2830

    R/C Pilots: Prepare for a Next-Level Professional RC flight simulation experience with the upcoming 1:5 scale VSKYLABS 'RC-PILOT': Jump Jet 2830 Testbed for X-Plane by Laminar Research.

    Full turbine powered (RC scale turbofan, 55+ lbs thrust). Fully functional Harrier-based VTOL propulsion system. High-end flight dynamics design. Optimized flying experience is achieved with the use of a 6 channel R/C controller-type joystick (or actual controller with a USB interface). Designed for 2D and VR environments.

    Stay tuned for demonstration videos...release is scheduled for the upcoming week, if all goes as expected.

    R/C Pilots - The new VSKYLABS 'RC-PILOT' line was one of the main development efforts during 2021. The models will be released, one by one, during the next couple of months. The line includes a variety of RC models: helicopters and other rotor-wing aircraft, VTOL, electric powered, multi engine, turbine, reciprocating, gliders, seaplanes, rocket gliders and more.

    VSKYLABS Update on RC Helicopter For X-Plane

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