• IndiaFoxtEcho Status Of F-35 Update At Marketplace

    IndiaFoxtEcho Status Of F-35 Update At Marketplace

    Following many questions and private messages, we wanted to provide an update on the F-35 Marketplace and X-Box release of the F-35: we have submitted the files for Microsoft to review a couple of days ago, along with the carriers.

    The review process is in progress and so far we had just (very) minor comments - so it is looking good.

    Note however that the Microsoft review process can take anything from few days to few weeks... and we have been surprised on both ways in the past (sometimes very easy reviews took weeks and very complex updates took days) - it is probably depending on the Microsoft test team workload.

    And no... we DO NOT HAVE A RELEASE DATE yet. And believe it or not, more often than not we receive notification of the Marketplace release just a few hours before the product is actually available.

    A WORD OF WARNING TO (SOME) X-BOX USERS: this is not a super-simple aircraft you can easily play with the X-box controller and use it to zoom in canyons. Interaction with the PCD is difficult without a mouse and the pilot interface is realistic. In general the package is designed for MODERATE realism. We know that there are a lot of serious simmers on the X-Box, but those waiting for a GTA-like plane will be disappointed.

    Last... as developers we often do not have the time to test many add-ons from other vendors, and therefore we do not talk much about them. We are making an exception for the Miramar MCAS rendition by LatinVFR - which is the perfect home for our F-35 and very nice starting point for short flights to our LHA-7 ship.


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