• Status Report From DCS On Their Upcoming AH-64D

    Status Report From DCS On Their Upcoming AH-64D

    We have made tremendous progress on the AH-64D. Release ready items include the external model and internal cockpit models, pilot and gunner high resolution models, external and internal lighting and sounds, IHADS, MPD pages, PNVS, TADS and sensors, 30mm cannon, Hydra unguided rockets, laser-guided Hellfire missiles, the ASE, CMWS, George AI pilot and phase one of the DM.

    Despite suffering from the most recent variant of COVID-19 the team has accomplished a minor miracle and the Early Access is very close to being available for release. However, certain aspects still require extra polish notably; flight control system heading, attitude and altitude hold modes, MultiCrew, cold start, George AI co-pilot gunner, certain crew animations and system damage effects.

    We understand that our decision to delay the early access release is frustrating and disappointing. Please accept our apologies. Our commitment is to deliver this exciting new aircraft to you in the nearest future, hopefully in February. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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