• P3D v5.3 Has A New Hotfix

    P3D v5.3 Has A New Hotfix

    Prepar3D v5.3 Hotfix 2 Now Available.

    The Prepar3D v5.3 Hotfix 2 contains additional resolutions for high priority issues identified after the Prepar3D v5.3 release.

    Only the Client installer is required for the majority of fixes present in Prepar3D v5.3 Hotfix 2. The Content, Scenery, and SDK installers are optional. Each fix listed below is categorized per installer. Please note, you must first have Prepar3D v5 installed to utilize any of the standalone installers (Client, Content, and Scenery). The Prepar3D v5.3 Hotfix 2 update may require you to reactivate your product, however if you have an internet connection or have not made any major hardware changes between installations this should not be an issue.

    Client Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed issue causing intermittent stuttering and performance drops in some cases.
    • Fixed issue causing atmospheric scattering to be misaligned from the sun position in some cases.
    • Improved performance when processing vector shape data.
    • Fixed issue causing stars to be dim when Enhanced Atmospherics is disabled.
    • Improved HTML5 panel performance.
    • Fixed bug where having mouse yoke active when entering full screen would keep mouse cursor confined to window's previous size.
    • Fixed crash when reloading a scenario after entering and exiting VR using HTML5 infogen.
    • Added documentation for new affinity mask capabilities.
    • Fixed issue preventing visual runway approaches from being available for all runways.
    • Fixed issue where OpenDIS VariableDatum class did not support more than 128 bytes of data.
    • Added acceleration to DIS Entity State PDU.

    Content Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed issue preventing HIMARS textures from displaying correctly.

    Scenery Fixes and Improvements

    • Removed several unused textures.
    • Fixed position of PAKT runway.


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