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    SAM Follow Me

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    Joshua Moore

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    When looking to review an add-on for X-Plane 11, I must confess that using something to help me find my way to an airport gate, would probably be way down on my list of potential add-ons. However, as it so happens, this is what I have recently found myself testing out, and strangely, it's slightly nostalgic, as it reminds me of my FS2004 days and Aerosoft's Enhancement Services, or AES for short. This add-on is an interesting one, which while I fully enjoyed using it, did have a few small issues which I will discuss later in the review.

    Before I begin though, I must mention that I don't at present have the entire X-Plane world installed on my laptop, due to the fact I am stuck on an Air Force Base without Wi-Fi, and that my main full-blown PC is over 1500nm away. So, with that said, I must apologize in advance for not being able to explore the European, Asian, South American, or African selection of cars, if they are modeled.

    The installation of the add-on was pretty simple, although I had a bit of fun trying to get my key pasted into the installer, as you can't type anything in, and for some reason, whatever I had copied down, had some phantom text somewhere and wouldn't take the key. After fiddling around for a good ten minutes, I managed to get it to accept the key and it installed properly.

    SAM Follow Me for X-Plane     SAM Follow Me for X-Plane

    SAM Follow Me for X-Plane     SAM Follow Me for X-Plane

    Basic Functionality

    Located in the Plugins menu under SAM (Scenery Animation Manager), the add-on works quite easily, using a departure and arrival ICAO. You can also choose to import your flight plan from Simbrief, making it a very simple process to get all the required info into the add-on. The ease of choosing a runway and getting a car is painless and easy to follow, and I had no issues figuring out the process even with no included manual. The add-on not only includes the follow me car itself, but also a marshaller to align you with your gate, a very helpful and nice touch.

    The only complaint I have with this feature however, is the fact that at some airports, the follow me car drives straight into the building, along with the marshaller, rendering himself useless to your parking efforts. Perhaps Aerosoft can address this problem and keep the marshaller outdoors, so as to be more visible. Apart from this issue, when you can see him, he works quite well, and I enjoy having a little bit of help getting parked at my gate.

    SAM Follow Me for X-Plane     SAM Follow Me for X-Plane

    SAM Follow Me for X-Plane     SAM Follow Me for X-Plane

    SAM Follow Me for X-Plane     SAM Follow Me for X-Plane

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      How about something for GA aircraft? We like bells and whistles too!
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