• TDS A350-900 Released

    TDS A350-900 Released

    Today we will announce the release of TDS A350 which took more then 3 years to be made.

    Tenkuu Developers Studio - Airbus A350-900

    • Reference model set for FS2004 this pack contains P3DV4 models too
    • NO Models for FSX since there was so many unpermitted migration to FS2020
    • Model Builder: Hiroshi Igami
    • FDE Designer: Nate Rosenstrauch
    • Master Painter: Carlos Eduardo Salas Franco
    • PBR Texture: Ken Webber (Operation Infinity)
    • Supported by TDS staff and others who helped.
    • Special thanks to Edward Cox, Danny Cummings, Hiroaki Itoh


    1. This is a freeware, NOT a open source and Public Domain , we keep the rights.
    2. To modders which include MSFS2020 modders, we don't permit conversions and migrations so don't violate our rights.
    3. Some are misunderstanding or try ignoring what Microsoft wrote inside the statement, XBOX rules are saying only about what Microsoft have the rights.

      Read things correct and don't violate our rights:

    4. Don't upload to a site which has SAAD A350, SAAD A330Neo.

      Those are clearly violating the payware copyrights and SAAD itself stopped and closed. Uploading those means don't care about copyrights so we don't want ours at a site like that.

    5. As written in readme "NEVER use in ANY package or a part of sales." DONT PUT IN ANY PAID Service, we never permits and we are not making for those guys to earn.

    For further information, please visit our facebook group page at:


    Download FS2004/P3D TDS Airbus A350-900 Base Pack

    1. igami's Avatar
      igami -
      Thankyou for posing this Press release.
      What we really want is a fair world.
    1. adbarros31's Avatar
      adbarros31 -
      What a very nice news!!!!
    1. richiemo's Avatar
      richiemo -
      Wow, fantastic news guys, for those of us still loyal to FS9. TDS are the best freeware aircraft (and beat any payware by the way) in FS9. Everything is spot on, including seeing the aircraft shadow from the wingviews. Well done. Can't wait for the first Delta livery (I'd do it my self but I'll need a plain white livery texture). Anyway, congrats and thanks again. (any hope of a 777 from TDS???)
    1. igami's Avatar
      igami -
      A350 has ben updated by Airbus several times already.
      Even gears are changed.
      To simulate all , prepared 2 models and many options.
      using a corect combination of Option switch to use this model correct.
      Under is the example of the basic option settings by MSN

    1. Andrejkatin's Avatar
      Andrejkatin -
      Nice model, but could have 4K paint kit option for the P3D model (a pity a beautiful model like this with 1K textures...) and a simplified model that opens in model visualization programs such as Model Converter X I tried Facebook group support and it was really bad...
    1. igami's Avatar
      igami -
      if want to see the model for paint how about using

      Model is locked against Model ConverterX since was used for ripping off and unpermitted modding in the past.
      There is a reason for each locks.

      World is not safe then thought.
      Now even PMDG 737NG is merged with X-Plane's payware 737MAX and even asked for money if asked.
      Thats what the world is now. (PMDG knows and working on but still can't make them down.)
      Even payware is not safe.

      So please understand with the Model locking .
    1. igami's Avatar
      igami -
      Also 4K texture is just a painters choice .
      Seems you don't understand that for which sim it was released for as a base?
      FS2004's maximum size is 1024x1024
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