• FlightControlReplay v4.5 Camera Manager Update Out Now

    FlightControlReplay v4.5 Camera Manager Update Out Now

    FlightControlReplay (FCR) is the most complete and professional tool for MSFS, P3D5 - 1 and FSX, for all kinds of users: from content creators, to simple users who want to enjoy their flight experience also from the spectator view.

    The new Camera Manager Update is FREE for all registered users of FlightControlReplay.

    1. CAMERA MOVEMENTS (available in MSFS and P3D)

    It's made to add new features including Record and Replay the camera movements, independently from the aircraft flight situation.

    Use the Options Menu to make your choice:

    • You can either record the usual aircraft flight, as you have always done
    • OR You can record at once the usual aircraft flight AND the camera movements at once in the same and unique flight situation file.
    • OR you can prefer to record ONLY the camera movements, in its respective FCR file.

    For example, you can use this new feature to work an advanced camera path, impressive camera effects, in order to apply them to several and different flight situation Replays, to replicate these camera moves in multiple videos.


    To complete the above features, you may need easy and quick controls of the camera in MSFS. That's why the main camera controls can be set through the simple and clear interface of FlightControlReplay! You will be able to set your shortcuts of all Camera controls directly in FCR Options Menu! Setting your key shortcuts here, will override the MSFS controls.

    MSFS has a long list of controls, with near to endless selection windows. The goal here is to focus on the most used and simple camera controls, in a single window (our option menu). 12 camera controls visible at once are ready for key assignment! For Prepar3D users, we still rely on the default settings controls of the sim.

    Existing features introduction with our Official Trailer by AviationLads:

    FlightControlReplay is compatible with the latest versions of the simulators, Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year v1.21.13.0 as well as Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v5.3 hotfix 1.

    Official web site: https://flightcontrolreplay.wordpress.com/

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