• Just Flight - Air Hauler v3.0.0.10 Released

    Just Flight - Air Hauler v3.0.0.10 Released

    Just Flight announces a new version of Air Hauler 2 for both X-Plane 11 and FSX/P3D is now available. Air Hauler is an extension for your flightsim that puts you in charge of a company running freight and passenger services. This latest update includes a long list of improvements and fixes.

    Changelog v3.0.0.10

    • Fixed a non-printing character issue in flight briefing
    • AH2 will now attempt to set the sim time for you via SimConnect for Flights if you're more than 10 mins out from the time it's supposed to be
    • VA aircraft must now have no cargo on board before booking them back in
    • Fixed issue whereby VA Bases were not being recognised to allow changing aircraft config
    • AH2 portal - some new pages added, and maps/radar working again
    • Map now correctly redraws on the Available Jobs screen
    • Personal screen now shows jobs, pax flights and missions completed
    • You can now transfer personal aircraft back to your company fleet
    • Fixed issue with Pax Ops screen not updating when a different aircraft was selected
    • The required amount of cargo to trigger the reputation award for a Humanitarian mission is now shown
    • Refreshing the cargo jobs grid no longer resets the layout to default
    • When paying a loan instalment, the value now shows correctly as an outgoing rather than income on the ledger
    • Fixed issue with scenery importing for XP 1.55r2
    • Increased width of breadcrumb line on flight tracking
    • The aircraft registry is now correctly stored when booking in a VA aircraft
    • B2B jobs only generated if bases are within 3x distance of your longest range cargo aircraft
    • Added Skill point assignment "SA" column to the pilot grid to allow for better visibility on unassigned points
    • Fixed issue preventing a VA Pax flight being flown a week later if the flight/today is Sunday
    • Fixed an issue with prices being incorrect when starting a new game
    • Resolved a bug whereby multiple variants of the same aircraft would not import max Pax or range correctly
    • Changed the default aircraft for P3D v5 Nomad/Hard/Medium to the AC11 (you may need to import it if you haven't already)
    • Added fix for the FlyByWire A32x which does not report fuel consumption via Simconnect
    • Fly now on VA jobs now includes own company aircraft in aircraft chooser dialog
    • You can use the -noMFS to launch AH2 on a machine which doesn't have Microsoft Flight Sim installed to skip the location check

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