• FSLTL Online Traffic Overhaul Trailer

    FSLTL Online Traffic Overhaul Trailer

    FSLTL (FS Live Traffic Liveries) is a free, stand-alone, real-time online traffic overhaul and VATSIM model-matching solution for MSFS 2020.


    • MSFS independent online IFR/VFR traffic injection system with stock ATC interaction based on FR24.
    • Worldwide sensible parked aircraft spawns based on historical data - no more random parked, Austria and Australia are finally different countries.
    • Unique liveries based on a tail number.
    • Intelligent fallback system if no model or livery is found for the particular aircraft.
    • Can be used with stock Asobo’s Live AI, however it’s very broken since SU7 (nose gear up/no departure bug).
    • Fully animated, enhanced low-poly models.
    • Native glTF - no stutters and CTDs.
    • Full PBR and parallax materials.
    • Realistic dynamic turnoffs/landing/taxi and other lights.
    • Over 700 made from scratch liveries at the time of writing. All in 4K.
    • Native VATSIM support with all lights and animations .
    • Various fixes for Asobo’s AI bugs present on generic aircraft.
    • Every plane correctly uses all ground services and jetways - bigger planes favor a second door for boarding/unboarding.
    • Each plane has a realistic ground roll on takeoff and landing (unfortunately AI still has no idea what a high-speed exit is).
    • Heat, contrail and other effects.
    • Custom Wwise sound for each aircraft (and engine type in close future) including startup, spool up, reverse, different power setting and shutdown.

    Installer/Traffic Manager Features

    • Quick install/uninstall everything or liveries/airlines/airplanes you want. For example you can install liveries exclusive for your region and international only to save up some space.
    • Optional VA install
    • No ugly mess in your Community folder - everything is manageable through the app.
    • Self-repair. Don’t be afraid to damage the mod by your custom edits - you always can revert it back without huge redownloads.
    • Selected 3-rd party aircraft support via provided compatibility patches.
    • Make an AI yourself from a flyable payware aircraft and custom liveries for it through the friendly UI. (Most likely won’t be available on launch).

    FSLTL on Discord
    FSLTL on Youtube

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