• Aerosoft - English Electric Lightning F6 for FSX/P3D Updated

    Aerosoft - English Electric Lightning F6 for FSX/P3D Updated

    Aerosoft announces an updated v2.3.0.0 for their English Electric Lightning F6 for FSX and Prepar3D. A bonus model of the F2A has been added and the aircraft is also now compatible with P3D v4 and v5.

    About Aerosoft English Electric Lightning

    The English Electric Lightning was designed in the late 1950's as an interceptor. This class of aircraft had to have great speed and even better climb speed to intercept the Russian bombers before they could reach their targets.

    With the latest version comes a new model of the Lightning F2A, and the F53 model is also included. All F6 customers receive these models for free.

    The F6 version in this product is not an easy aircraft to fly. It’s complex and full of systems you have to manage without the aid of modern electronics. Landing especially is hard as the landing speed is awfully high and there are many things you have to check. Aircraft of this type are rare for Flight Simulator and we feel the Lightning fills a niche that needed filling.


    • Four models and ten liveries
    • Highly detailed and accurate modeling with specialized animations throughout
    • All instruments are faithfully reproduced in 3D
    • Advanced flight dynamics.
    • Choice of Firestreak or Redtop missiles (or none) (TacPack required)
    • Cockpit ladder and array of ground equipment
    • Customized taxi lights
    • Arrester hooks, Overwing tanks, ventral (gun) tank models included
    • Multi zoned dimmable cockpit lighting
    • More realistic brake chute by use of additional coding
    • Realistic in-flight refueling rate (Refueling can take place when set parameters are reached to simplify the task for the less experienced fliers) (TacPack required)
    • Wing to wing fuel transfer
    • Aerosoft Sound Module that adds sound to switches, controls and events for a more immersive environment. Engine sounds recorded during ground runs at the LPG (Lightning Preservation Group)
    • Navigation in Direct TACAN and ILS modes (VOR/TACAN conversion card included)
    • Full Autopilot and Flight Director
    • Radar showing coastlines, runways and/or air traffic (TacPack required)
    • Many special effects including engine start, engine fires and day and night reheat etc
    • Ejection sequence (for when things go badly wrong)
    • Extensive documentation with authentic Flight Reference Cards for Normal and Emergency procedures, and a set of Pilots notes all reproduced from the service Air Publications, and a manual to explain specific usages in the simulator
    • TacPack compatible*

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