• IndiaFoxtEcho Reports Progress On F-35 Lightning II

    IndiaFoxtEcho Looking For F-35 Beta Testers

    We know there is a lot of expectation on our F-35 project, and we are trying our best to deliver a decent rendition of this awesome aircraft - we are humbled by your enthusiasm and support and we really hope that, even with all the limitations of MSFS for modern military aircraft, this Lightning II rendition will not disappoint (too much).

    We have some good news and bad news.

    Let's start with the bad news: the development has suffered some delays this week for a number of reasons and unfortunately Sim Update 7 quirks did not help. In particular, the Dev Mode of Sim Update 7 seems to have some serious bugs which make the process way more cumbersome (for one, each time you make a modification and rebuild the F-35 package you are forced to wait 4-5 minutes minimum - previously it was 10-20 seconds tops).

    The good news is that, while not ready for release, we finally have a decent BETA build which is ready for a test on a larger user base.

    If you think you can help with the F-35 Beta, please see this post on our blog on how to apply for a test slot:

    Apply Here

    IndiaFoxtEcho Looking For F-35 Beta Testers

    IndiaFoxtEcho Looking For F-35 Beta Testers

    IndiaFoxtEcho Looking For F-35 Beta Testers

    IndiaFoxtEcho Clarifies F-35 Release Plans

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