• IndiaFoxtEcho Sim Update VII Compatibility And Future Updates

    IndiaFoxtEcho Sim Update VII Compatibility And Future Updates

    Sim Update VII compatibility and future updates to our aircraft.

    Here is a quick recap of the situation after Sim Update VII deployment. In general, we think SUVII is a pretty good step forward for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and we are very happy with some of the features introduced with this update.

    General statements and key points:

    • DX12 is still a preview, does not seem to work that well for many users. We suggest you use DX11 in general.
    • SU7 broke the visualization of some HTML5/JS elements such as HUDs. This is easy to fix but requires an update to the aircraft.
    • Afterburner effects (thrust, staging, fuel consumption) are now properly simulated in MSFS (finally!)
    • There is a much better support for HUD collimation (finally!) - it is not perfect but it is much better
    • There is native support for high G visual and sound effects (we'll remove our custom sound effects from our planes).
    • Our planes will not support VR touch controllers for now

    Project specific statements:

    F-35 Lightning II

    The update broke a small part of the code and the visibility of the Head Mounted Display. The good news is that the new afterburning turbofan model seems to work better than the previous one, and we can now make a better HMD with collimation (not perfect but much better than what we have now).

    The impact on the project schedule is limited to a few days. We still hope to launch the project before the end of the month - RELEASE DATE TBC.


    As far as we can tell, no impact on the Long-EZ - perfectly compatible. We still plan to release an update to improve the Garmin Aera interface, add landing lights and increase roll rate as requested by some users. PROJECTED RELEASE DATE: WEEK 46/47


    No major impact on the MB-339 - but the smoke system is still broken. We have made new, and much better, smoke effects and we will deploy an update soon with a number of small fixes. PROJECTED RELEASE DATE: WEEK 47/48

    T-45C Goshawk

    SU7 broke the visibility of the HUD... on the good side, the fix is easy and we think we can now make it collimated.

    We plan to release an update which will also enable compatibility with our future USS Gerald Ford (which will have a specific T-45C Carrier Qual variant), improve the flight model and add some other features. PROJECTED RELEASE DATE: WEEK 47/48

    Other projects we are working on:

    SU-31 -> No impact to the work we have done so far. RELEASE DATE: TBC END OF 2021-BEGINNING OF 2022

    M-346 -> No impact to the work we have done so far. RELEASE DATE: TBC EARLY 2022

    If you find any major malfunction, by all means please let us know.


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