• The Folks At Laminar Research Are Teasing Us Again

    The Folks At Laminar Research Are Teasing Us Again

    Laminar Research, the team behind X-Plane, have yet again seen fit to tease us with a single image of their upcoming sim, X-Plane 12. This time around, the image shows a nice comparison between the sim we've all known since 2016, X-Plane 11, and its much younger brother.

    As you can see from the image of Innsbruck (LOWI), both the ground textures and ambient lighting have been greatly improved on and provide (from a graphical perspective), a far more believable environment.

    Laminar Research Shows Cockpit Rain Effects In X-Plane 12
    Laminar Research Explains Photometric Lighting

    1. AlyMac's Avatar
      AlyMac -
      Wow - looks amazing
    1. The One and Only's Avatar
      The One and Only -
      Not much difference I can tell. MSFS still better.
    1. Affenmann's Avatar
      Affenmann -
      Quote Originally Posted by The One and Only View Post
      Not much difference I can tell. MSFS still better.
      Exactly what I thought.
    1. fsmyers's Avatar
      fsmyers -
      Quote Originally Posted by The One and Only View Post
      Not much difference I can tell. MSFS still better.
      Really? How. MSFS SU7 is completely borked right now.
    1. avallillo's Avatar
      avallillo -
      MSFS is indeed better - in terms of the imagery. For now, at least, XP is still better for the serious stuff, like proficiency in IFR flying and the like; ie, actual flying other than pure sightseeing. Fortunately, for a fraction of the cost of a new Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke, I have both of them (and also Aerofly FS2, which still has the best Grand Canyon of them all) and can use each for its' respective strength. America! What a country!! (with apologies to Yakoff Smirnoff!)
    1. The One and Only's Avatar
      The One and Only -
      X Plane will never be able to pull of buying rights to Ortho Scenery from suppliers. Its never going to have it except for add on scenery like Orbx. And MSFS is growing in leaps and bounds with each update. Its a shame they couldn't do it all in one shot, and had to go with the 10 year update plan, but at least its starting to shape up. 7 updates in, and how many more to go? Mercy me!
    1. avallillo's Avatar
      avallillo -
      With ortho4xp one can have a reasonable simulacrum of the FS2020 experience, granted that it is without the photogrammetry. True, one would need more terabytes of storage space than might be reasonable for true worldwide coverage, but on a single 4tb outboard drive I have most of the USA and a fair amount of Europe. And it is all free!

      As for the leaps and bounds, some of those leaps are backward at each update, including this one! Just something we will have to live with. Remember this when you are some day faced with the "opportunity" to fly on an airliner with either one or zero pilots!!
    1. revik's Avatar
      revik -
      I fear it may well be too little, too late.
    1. AlyMac's Avatar
      AlyMac -
      I was a dyed in the wool MS Flight simulator user with £100's of addons until I tried XP-11. As a full size pilot I was enthralled with the sophisticated physics and like the way it performs - particularly with twin engine aeroplanes.

      I watched all of the team intro videos for MS and like XP - they are all basically "Geeks". Any "Geek" can write code and as long as he/she has a good head for mathematics he/she can create a flight simulator.

      The single most important detail however is that Austin Myer is not only a "Geek" - he is a very accomplished - full size "Stick and Rudder" man. And the difference between a full size "Pilot" and a "Stick and Rudder" guy is truly immense.

      MSFS looks gorgeous from what I can see but this is where MSFS 2020 will fail for me. Possibly a bit like going to bed with a rubber doll- exact replica of Raquel Welch - compared to going to bed with the real thing (from the 1960's I might add!). The rubber replica looks absolutely stunning - but it doesnt quite feel right.
    1. betelgeuse's Avatar
      betelgeuse -
      I am not into flight simulation for the scenery. Of course it has to be realistic up to a point, but I do not need to see individual blades of grass.

      So I am right with AlyMac. It's the planes, guys, not the scenery!
    1. rhb's Avatar
      rhb -
      So much bias for MSFS photogrammetry and scenery, frankly it is superb in some selected areas but in most of the world it pales even to X plane 11 with cartoonish fake roads and fields. I have both sims, and the Ortho4XP tiles placed in the areas in which I fly most often (face it you don't fly all over the world all the time) Each has its's advantages and draw backs.
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