• Tutorial Video: Learn To Fly Here #7

    Learn To Fly Here #7 | Ground Reference: S-Turns

    By thecorporatepilotdad

    One of the ground reference maneuvers, S-Turns, is explained and demonstrated. Also, before starting the maneuver, an additional method for figuring wind direction is shown. In addition to demonstrating the maneuver, turn radius and its effect from wind is covered. After the maneuver is complete, there is a bird's eye view of the identical maneuver so it can be seen in more detail outside the airplane. For more information the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook and Airman Certification Standards can be consulted.

    This is one of the three ground reference maneuvers taught to a student pilot on the path to getting a Private Pilot's License in the United States. At least one of the three ground reference maneuvers are required to be completed on the Private Pilot practical examination (checkride).

    This video is for entertainment purposes only and was made with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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    Previous Tutorial: Learn To Fly Here #6 | Jet Takeoff/Landing Performance

    About The Author

    This video is produced by thecorporatepilotdad. He has been a FlightSim.Com member for close to twenty years and using Flight Simulator since back in the day of FS98 and FS2000. He is also a professional pilot with over 7000 hours of real world flight experience ranging from Cessna 152s to super-mid size business jets.

    About The Working Title CJ4 Mod

    This mod aims to modify the default CJ4 to genuinely represent the true capabilities, functions and features of the real aircraft. This mod will continue to be developed over time to add further functionality.

    1. lnuss's Avatar
      lnuss -
      Nicely done! Wish we'd had this sort of aid when I learned to fly, but even home computers didn't exist then, not even video tape (for the consumer). And I love the tips you give folks for finding reference points. From what I've seen of your products so far, you must be a pretty good instructor, and I love your attention to detail.
    1. thecorporatepilotdad's Avatar
      thecorporatepilotdad -
      Thank you. When I learned to fly in the late 90s it was just books with diagrams and pictures. There were the beloved King videos but I did not have them. MSFS is a great training aid to show what's really happening. I have not instructed in around 16 years. Renewing my CFI every 2 years became a huge pain so I let it lapse about 6 years ago which I regret.
    1. lnuss's Avatar
      lnuss -
      I started flying in 1969, and let my CFI lapse in 1999, and sometimes I wish I hadn't, but other times I'm glad I'm not teaching in today's environment with all the suspicions, restrictions, etc. Yes, the renewal was a pain, but it was worth it for a long time. When I finally almost never used it is when I let it lapse.

      So keep up the good work -- I'm pleased that so many sim folks now have access to aid to understanding that are so well done.

    1. thecorporatepilotdad's Avatar
      thecorporatepilotdad -
      I came to the same realization with my CFI. It was costing more money to keep renewing it than I was making from it. The bad part is thinking how easy it is to renew it vs what it takes to get it back. Even though I've been flying jets for the last 16 years and do recurrent training twice a year, a checkride would still have to be done to get it back. At today's airplane rental prices that is a hard pass.
    1. lnuss's Avatar
      lnuss -
      Yes, getting it back would almost be starting over completely. And that would be expensive, as you say, for something that is much less attractive than when I originally got it, and of much less use (to me) today. Good memories, though.
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