• SSG Releases B748 Anniversary Edition Update XP

    SSG Releases B748 Anniversary Edition Update XP

    X-Plane developer SSG (Supercritical Simulations Group), have released their B748 Anniversary Edition update.

    Version 2.4 brings enhanced system accuracy and a host of new features, such as a new tablet with Avitab compatibility and new sound designer.

    We are very happy to announce the release of the SSG B748 Anniversary Edition version 2.4. It brings a lot of system accuracy and new features like new tablet with Avitab compatibility and new sound designer. It has been above 4 months in beta test and the final change log you can find here.

    Version 2.4

    Beta 1

    • New tablet with same functions plus the inflight (no all finished).
    • New external/internal sound 3D and internal environment.
    • Now the fuel feed system is fully custom (fixed eng 3 fuel intro).
    • Fuel loader load the reserve + main 1/4 as same as main 2/3.
    • Electrical tie don't opens if 4 engines is running ok.

    Beta 2

    • Linux version now in beta.
    • Fixed center fuel pump sasl error
    • Fixed APU not starting after landing or after turned off.
    • Fixed some fuel synoptics graphic.
    • Fixed some tablet issues.
    • Fixed weather map showing in wrong map.
    • Added an AP disengage command and virtual 3d spot in the yoke.
    • Fixed some sound issues.

    Beta 3

    • Update the rest of the actuators zones for a better 3d format, especially for VRers.
    • Fix engine generators not turning off with other power sources.
    • Fix custom timed instruments and lights not working in replay.

    Beta 4

    • Fixed Auto throttle bug.
    • Added AT engage disengage command to hardware and virtual on the TLA.
    • Added AT disengage message.
    • Added autopilot disengage message.
    • Fixed overspeed sound.
    • Remixed some engine sounds inn and out plus some other sounds like aircond.
    • Added overshoot weight max payload to both versions.
    • TCAS now shows over 20 acfs.

    FMC Changelog Due All Beta Phases

    • Cost index now can be zero.
    • Airport position init in POS INIT PAGE set the proper coordinates.
    • Fixed when select arrival, all data disappears.
    • First waypoint in a SID proper procedure.
    • Correct number pages and page numbers for LEGS and RTE page.
    • Proper use of Altitude restrictions during climb.
    • Prev and next keys work properly in legs and RTE pages.
    • At the STAR in the RTE page the waypoint is the last of the star.
    • Enter if cruise level at VNAV CLIMB and CRUISE PAGES.
    • Enter of speeds at VNAV PAGES.
    • Acceleration altitude included in takeoff page 2.
    • RNAV approaches more lateral accurate.
    • RTE PAGE sometimes glitches.
    • Improved transitions management.
    • Save preferences and sound of the tablet.


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