• MSFS 2020 November 11th, 2021 Development Update

    MSFS 2020 November 11th, 2021 Development Update

    Just 7 more days until the release of our Game of the Year Edition and the Reno Air Races DLC. What new feature are you looking forward to the most: one of the new planes, airports, missions, cities, or tutorials? Or perhaps the updated weather system, or early access to DX12? Or maybe you're planning on purchasing the Reno Air Races to race against your fellow pilots. No matter how you play MSFS, we are excited for next Thursday and look forward to continuing this journey with you.

    SDK Update


    • The development branches were locked last week for Sim Update 7, the Game of the Year Edition and the Reno Air Races expansion, so the SDK team spent time scrubbing through the backlog and planning out work for the coming months.
    • As discussed during a recent Dev Q&A, we are planning on using Sim Update 8 to focus on existing bugs and to address frequently reported issues from the community.


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    1. sky44's Avatar
      sky44 -
      Yea, Sure....
    1. The One and Only's Avatar
      The One and Only -
      I honestly question how they can get a game of the year edition with all the problems they had in the beginning and still do.
    1. Seanmo's Avatar
      Seanmo -
      Since I don't have problems with MSFS and have been running it since September of 2020, I don't know what The One and Only is talking about. I've literally had two CTDs in the over a year that I have been running it. Minor glitches? Sure. Amazing free updates that include new hand designed airports and new POI's? Yeah, that too. Like most of the five million that have purchased MSFS, I love it and haven't had any major issues. Can't wait for the free GotY edition upgrade!

      I can tell you that I'm not in a million years going to pay $60 for DLC (Reno) for a sim that I paid $60 for. MSFT must be crazy to think that'll fly with us. It's not just some of these aircraft makers (DC-3 and Electra, for example) that need to get real about their DLC prices.
    1. N069NT's Avatar
      N069NT -
      Are they going to fix the problems from the last update like the broken warning chimes that can't be cancelled during startup procedures of the Longitude or my biggest pet peeve a broken ITT temp warning chime when the engines are NOT overtemped?
    1. Mac6737's Avatar
      Mac6737 -
      Oh, please, no. Not another mandatory update. Everything is fine right now, at least for me. Please, please, don't mess it up again, like you did with SU5.
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