• FlyByWire Adds Windows to A32NX For MSFS

    FlyByWire Adds Windows to A32NX For MSFS

    In a brief Facebook post, the dedicated team over at FlybyWire Simulations, have mentioned that 4 new windows have been added to the MSFS A32NX:

    Maintenance has just added 4 new windows to the aircraft, just in time for your next scenic flight!

    The new showcase views are available on the development version.

    FlyByWire Adds Windows to A32NX For MSFS

    FlyByWire Adds Windows to A32NX For MSFS

    FlyByWire Adds Windows to A32NX For MSFS


    Out of interest, how many of you spend time looking out of the passenger windows? Are you a dedicated "cockpit" only pilot, or do you enjoy wandering around the aircraft?

    Let us know in the comments section below!

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    1. W33's Avatar
      W33 -
      Cockpit view only here.

    1. Dietzi's Avatar
      Dietzi -
      Cockpit only! Furthermore I would never enter departure lounges of airports.
    1. felixfer's Avatar
      felixfer -
      I always add windows views to my planes, even the little ones, so I thanks a lot FBW for the initiative.
    1. Seanmo's Avatar
      Seanmo -
      I go all over the aircraft. I also go through the lounges of airports. Just like in real life. In fact I absolutely will not buy an airport if they haven't modeled the interiors. Just shows a laziness that I do not trust. Plus I like exploring. PMDG got a earful for putting in shitty low-res bitmaps in the COCKPIT of their DC-6, so you can imagine how the rest of the interior looked and how that was received. They need to up their game in this sim if they want to be taken seriously by a new generation of simmers that have much higher expectations than the old guys.
    1. darim's Avatar
      darim -
      Not as much compared to sims which have instant replay. Always enjoy watching my landings as a passenger! But can still enjoy alternate views during cruise, etc. I never spend an entire flight in the cockpit.
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