• Just Flight 146 Professional MSFS Dev Page Now Live

    Just Fllight 146 Professional MSFS Dev Page Now Live

    146 Professional MSFS In Development page is now live. You can follow progress and sign up for an email upon release on the product page. The team who brought you the Arrows, Warrior and the Hawk are going to be behind this project so it's fair to say you can expect good things. Here are some initial WIP pics to kick things off.

    Just Fllight 146 Professional MSFS Dev Page Now Live

    Just Fllight 146 Professional MSFS Dev Page Now Live

    Dev Page

    1. N069NT's Avatar
      N069NT -
      Awesome! I flew on these in ASA form (Atlantic Southeast Airlines) a few times on regional hops between Atlanta and a few small southeast cities before the ATRs and CRJs took over those routes back in the 1990s. It wasn't the fastest jet like the RJ but it was way more comfortable than the noisy droning ATR-72s yet still had an overhead wing so there were no bad window seats if you like looking down. I do remember the impressive short takeoffs and landings for a jet though - landings specifically as it did not have reverse thrust! All by design. I'll be in on this for sure if they make it a complex one with full FMS and map capability. What a great hull. So much in fact that some former regional airliners were bought and converted to firefighters for US and Canada government operators and flying to this day.
    1. sky44's Avatar
      sky44 -
      looks great.
    1. lear45xr's Avatar
      lear45xr -
      Please don't overprice this one like so many developers tend to do. Price it reasonable and go for quantity. Business school 101. Know your market.
    1. N069NT's Avatar
      N069NT -
      @lear - well the flight sim market is niche and people will pay a price for a fully accurate flight model and realistic complex avionics. I'm one of them.
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