• Review: Lionheart Creations Quickie Q200 For MSFS

    Quickie Q200

    Publisher: Lionheart Creations

    Review Author:
    James Huddison

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    Lionheart Creations - Quickie Q200 for MSFS 2020     Lionheart Creations - Quickie Q200 for MSFS 2020

    When I was approached and asked "if I fancied a Quickie", aside from the obvious raised eyebrows, I jumped at the chance to review another aircraft from Lionheart Creations - the developers of the excellent Trinidad TB21 GT add-on aircraft (see my review here).

    Knowing nothing whatsoever about the Quickie aircraft, I performed a little of my own research:

    Lionheart Creations - Quickie Q200 for MSFS 2020     Lionheart Creations - Quickie Q200 for MSFS 2020

    Taking a quote directly from WIkipedia: "The Quickie was primarily designed by Burt Rutan as a low-powered, highly efficient Kit-plane". So essentially, people used to purchase and then manually assemble these aircraft - a sort of DIY aircraft, as it were.

    I also discovered that there is a World-wide admiration and fascination for this little plane; so with much anticipation, I downloaded and installed the module into MSFS.

    For those of you who, like myself, have never even seen a Quickie aircraft before, you are in for a wondrous surprise! I have simply never encountered anything quite as weird and unique looking as this aircraft in a flight simulator.

    Lionheart Creations - Quickie Q200 for MSFS 2020

    It immediately reminded me of a Cat-fish, or some other strange aquatic looking sea creature - it is quite remarkable.

    The Quickie Q200 comes bundled with thirteen different liveries, so plenty of choice and variety is on offer there and the exterior modeling is finely detailed.

    The interior of the aircraft, albeit simplistic, is of the typical Lionheart Creation high quality and shine: with chrome rimmed dials; plush comfy seating and the apparently obligatory 'Experimental' lettering on the cockpit's back wall. The cockpit is also quite interactive, with the option to open/close the canopy (accompanied by a realistic and fluid animation) and an option for differing shades of tinted canopy glass.

    Lionheart Creations - Quickie Q200 for MSFS 2020

    So, time for a test flight around London City...

    1. W33's Avatar
      W33 -
      I have this model and like the reviewer, love the visibility!

      Very good review, thank you.

    1. gorham's Avatar
      gorham -
      Look`s the good`s bill, Regards Shaun(Baby Jab).
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