• FS2Crew Announces MSFS 2020 Breakthrough

    FS2Crew Announces MSFS 2020 Plans

    Big news!

    Our experiments with essentially controlling and displaying FS2Crew "inside" MSFS via the MSFS Toolbar have proven very successful!

    This is a really big leap for us, since this is something very few developers can do, and it really sets FS2Crew miles apart from the pack.

    In practical terms, what this means is that you can "control" FBW and PBE directly through the ToolBar (not just 'launch' them via the Toolbar).

    We can even display "ASSIST" information in the MSFS Toolbar.

    You no longer really need to control FS2Crew through via the standalone EXE. The EXE will mainly just be used for user settings.

    This is especially good news for Virtual Reality headset users, who can't see stand-alone panels that run outside of MSFS.

    We still need to polish the integration with the Tool bar / FS2Crew control a bit more. We hope to release it to the public late next week as a new public beta.

    Also, our new keyboard button / joystick control system is way better than before. We dropped Simconnect for joystick / keyboard control and instead control joystick/keyboard buttons via DirectX now.

    This makes for vastly better joystick/button control, and no need to worry about the FS2Crew panel being in focus or not being in focus for buttons to be detected.

    Remember you can still download the v1.1 public beta via the links in the forum. We encourage all users to always use the latest public beta's for FBW and PBE. They're pretty solid.

    Looking further ahead:

    I'm getting a lot of emails asking when we'll be releasing FS2Crew for the CRJ, upcoming PMDGs, etc. Our plan is to "make perfect" FBW and PBE. As you've noticed, we're changing and updating it almost bi-weekly.

    Once FBW and PBE are essentially "perfect" with all the latest functionality we want (such as the Tool Bar and joystick functions mentioned in this post), we can proceed very quickly with the CRJ and other aircraft.

    The goal right now is to establish a "perfect" system, and once the perfect system is established, then we can branch out to new planes.

    You'll note that the system right now is already very solid. We have almost no support issues.

    Our new audio system is extremely robust (much better than the FSX/P3D audio engine), and we don't have to reply on editing panel.cfg files like we did in FSX/P3D (that could sometimes be problematic).


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