• FlightGear Announces FSWeekend Hackathon

    FlightGear Announces FSWeekend Hackathon

    Since this year's FSWeekend showcase is postponed, we would like to invite interested contributors to another Virtual FSWeekend Hackathon on the weekend of November 5-7th, instead.

    You can read more about what a hackathon is, the setup and other details on Virtual FSweekend Hackathon 2021 - FlightGear wiki.

    The hackathon is not only for hard-core C++ development. You are welcome to participate if you want to sneak peek in core development or are working/want to work on related generic functionality like Addons, osm2city, visuals etc. Your willingness to contribute and socialise is the most important asset. There will be persons helping you out. After all: we are all constantly discovering how broad and diverse the FlightGear ecosystem is.

    If you want to sign-up, then please contact us on


    If you have an idea, then please have a look at the wiki article regarding Hackathon 2021 Ideas (https://wiki.flightgear.org/Category:Hackathon_2021_Ideas).

    But you can also joint an existing idea and help move it forward.

    We hope to see lots of new faces alongside the existing ones, so please take a look.


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