• FlyingIron Simulations MSFS P-38L Update 1.0.1 Released

    FlyingIron Simulations P-38L Update 1.0.1 Released

    MSFS: P-38L Update 1.0.1 Now Available!

    G'day everyone!

    Our first update for the P-38L is now available.

    Update 1.0.1 includes various fixes and improvements in systems, flight model, art and the tablet.


    • Tablet and Radio renamed to prevent conflicts with other mods
    • T
    • hermodynamics model improved
    • Oxygen Gauge + Logic Fixed
    • Oil Cooler 'Auto' Mode fixed


    • Improved ground handling, most notably nosewheel steering
    • Improved control in runway crosswind conditions (weathervaning effect)
    • Improved landing characteristics
    • Added Canopy drag
    • Small tweaks to lift


    • Added Fuel Selector Decals
    • Added Aircraft Placard
    • Added more polygons to dash for better curvature
    • Fixed reversed decals
    • Fixed Elevator animation
    • Added landing light 3d model
    • Added stow & wing fuel level test tooltips
    • Added Cockpit light bulb
    • Fixed Right Wing Light colour


    • Added loadout manager
    • Added pushback service
    • Fixed Autopilot
    • Added new Tablet click spot*
    • Remembers open page when stowed, will activate again upon unstowing.
    • A lot more data on the Live Data page as well as more Units of Measurement
    • Settings page now has brightness control
    • Performance optimizations
    • Checklist page: improved Engine Startup
    • V-Speed page: added max speed with drop tanks
    • Adjusted fuel consumption and range data
    • Tablet Click Spot (Port Side, Fwd of Wing Fuel Warning Lights)

    * The additional click spot can be accessed on the port side, just aft of the Outer Wing Fuel Warning panel.