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    Taimodels - Keflavik for X-Plane     Taimodels - Keflavik for X-Plane

    Hello fellow flight simulator enthusiasts and welcome to my first review since coming out of hospital. In this article I will be giving my thoughts on Taimodels - Keflavik International Airport (BIKF) for X-Plane 11. My last scenery review was set in the tropical climate of the Amazon, so this review was quite a departure.


    Keflavik Airport, also known as Reykjavik-Keflavik Airport, is the largest airport in Iceland and the country's main hub for international transportation. The airport is 1.7 nautical miles west of Keflavik and 50 km southwest of Reykjavik. The main carrier at Keflavik is Icelandair, which has the airport as its main hub.

    Taimodels - Keflavik for X-Plane     Taimodels - Keflavik for X-Plane

    Taimodels - Keflavik for X-Plane     Taimodels - Keflavik for X-Plane

    Airport Walkabout

    As many of you who read my reviews know, one of the first things I like to do is have a walk around the airport looking at all the small details. With Keflavik I started my tour at the main attraction, that being the main terminal building. The terminal itself is named after Leifur Eiriksson, a Norse explorer, and was opened in 1987. Just outside the terminal is the Jet Nest sculpture. This has been modelled in full 3D, and it was nice to see it included in the scenery. It's one of those details that could have easily been left out, so well done to the developers for including it.

    Going back to the terminal, and I was quite impressed with the amount of detail on offer. The structure is not your normal affair and is quite intricate in places. It's roughly "T" in shape, with the gates situated on the bottom left and right. Being an amateur 3D modeller myself, I would definitely have found it a challenge to create!

    Moving on to the textures of the terminal, and this was where I started to find a few problems. Unlike many sceneries I have used and reviewed in the past, I was disappointed to see that there was no weathering to be seen in any of the textures. Iceland's climate can be quite unforgiving at times, so a structure exposed to the elements would look far from pristine. Due to this, I felt the terminal lacked authenticity, which was a shame considering the quality of the modelling. Had the developers added some weathering to age the look of the building, it would have helped it greatly, but sadly none was present.

    Taimodels - Keflavik for X-Plane     Taimodels - Keflavik for X-Plane

    Taimodels - Keflavik for X-Plane     Taimodels - Keflavik for X-Plane

    The same problem arose with the concrete and asphalt ground textures situated around the airport. They were all nicely placed, it was just a shame they looked so artificial. Yes, there was some weathering to be seen, but unfortunately, the way they had been created looked unrealistic.

    Moving on to the airport car parks, and I was really pleased to see that the developers had used large numbers of 3D vehicles to populate them. Many of you will know that one of my pet hates is ortho imagery of car parks without vehicles, so this got my nod of approval.

    Ortho imagery around the airport for the most part is done reasonably well, just don't get too close as it breaks down quite quickly.

    As you move outwards, you'll find numerous hangars and maintenance facilities dotted around the airport. Whilst relatively accurate in terms of placement, I was disappointed to see that many of them (if not the majority), were standard X-Plane objects. Whilst this no doubt helps with performance (more on that later), it was a shame they weren't custom made.

    Taimodels - Keflavik for X-Plane     Taimodels - Keflavik for X-Plane

    An airport wouldn't be complete without aircraft, so I was pleased to see there were models for the airlines normally seen at Keflavik. These included the likes of airBaltic, Icelandair, Air Canada and British Airways, to name just a few. Having these airlines present, really helped bring the airport to life and was great to see.

    Night Lighting

    Night lighting at Keflavik was a bit of a mixed bag. Whilst the main terminal building did employ night lighting effects, I found it to be quite flat, especially the large glass areas situated on the roof and sides of the terminal. The shop windows at ground level fared better but were too dim in my opinion. However, the runway and taxiway lights were excellent, and I had no problems at all navigating my way around the airport.


    Unlike many X-Plane users, my PC is not cutting edge, so I was pleased to see that Keflavik ran without issues on my computer. Having only a 4 GB graphics card means I have to think about my graphic settings, but even when I pushed them up to high, the scenery still worked flawlessly.

    Taimodels - Keflavik for X-Plane     Taimodels - Keflavik for X-Plane


    As mentioned above, there are parts of this scenery which I really liked, such as the modelling of the main terminal building, the Jet Nest sculpture and the realistic airline traffic situated around the airport. Unfortunately, a lack of custom objects away from the main terminal and texturing issues let the scenery down. These are all areas however which I feel the developer can improve on, and if they did, then it would move the scenery on to another level. As it stands, this is probably one of the best sceneries for X-Plane of Keflavik, so if you can live with the issues mentioned, then I think you would enjoy it.

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    Hope you found this review informative.

    Paul Mort

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