• Just Flight - DC Designs - PT-17 Stearman for MSFS v1.0.3

    Just Flight - DC Designs - PT-17 Stearman for MSFS

    Changelog v1.0.3

    • New model added (faired version)
    • New engine dynamics for faired version
    • Smoke effect added (both variants) Original smoke effect created by Touching Cloud
    • Custom drag effect for idle throttle setting
    • Paint kit updated for new fairing sections
    • New font in cockpit for switches
    • VR collision mesh added for true 3D cursor in VR (instrument areas)

    About The DC Designs PT-17 Stearman

    DC Designs are proud to announce their first piston-engined aircraft for MSFS - the PT-17 Stearman.

    Fully Native MSFS Aircraft

    • The Stearman has been coded with Microsoft Flight Simulator native 'Model Behaviors' animations and built to MSFS specifications to prevent issues with future simulator upgrades.
    • Fully compliant with MSFS native materials, and makes use of the 'Modern' aerodynamics system
    • Custom recorded, high-definition WWise sounds from real-life Stearman PH-TOX, by Sim Acoustics
    • Optional crew configuration, with modern GA Asobo occupants or World War Two student and instructor
    • Fully compliant with Virtual Reality headsets

    Just Flight - DC Designs - PT-17 Stearman for MSFS


    • Truly 3D virtual cockpits featuring accurately modelled controls and detailed texturing using full PBR materials
    • Crew figures in the virtual cockpit are coded to disappear when you occupy their seats
    • Fully operational front and rear cockpit positions included

    Just Flight - DC Designs - PT-17 Stearman for MSFS


    • Six different liveries included, two vintage and four modern

    Just Flight - DC Designs - PT-17 Stearman for MSFS

    Manual and paint kit

    • A full operations manual is included, along with a comprehensive paint kit

    Just Flight - DC Designs - PT-17 Stearman for MSFS

    Purchase DC Designs - PT-17 Stearman for MSFS
    Also from DC Designs - F-15 C, D, E & I Eagle for MSFS 2020

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    1. Josette's Avatar
      Josette -
      for me alright for this plane till version 1.02 .. I tried to install several times the 1.03 version firstly happy to have the new model ... but ..... sit in cockpit only the button smoke working . the levers thrust and mixture staying not sliding many other like ignition stay blocked .... so after several unsuccessful attempts uninstall/reinstall I'm back to the 1.02 version that I like ... maybe one failure about my system ... waiting maybe another update .....but even with version 1.02 I like a lot this PT-17 plane ...
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